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Ventimiglia, Italia

Living near the French-Italian border has its perks.  For one, we get to enjoy living in  France while doing our food shopping in Italy!

And so today we went off driving to Ventimiglia for a trip to the supermercato (supermarket) and to the market to buy fish and veggies.  I must say,  what an immense delight to drive past verdant and staggering scenery of the  Roya Valley, after living in the winter grey and almost barren surroundings of Paris the past month or so.


This is the French side of the Roya Valley landscape as seen from our moving car.  Another way to enjoy this dramatic scenery is by train where the Nice-Ventimiglia-Cuneo railway line is dubbed as one of the most beautiful railways sceneries in Europe.

This is the Italian side approaching the coastal town of Ventimiglia

 The hills of Ventimiglia jutting out of the Mediterranean sea,
and the mountains behind  are that of France.

A man walking alone in Ventimiglia beach.

The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe –

View of the Old Town  (perched above) dominated by one of its several churches

A very Italianesque building located in the New Town below

A more modern residential building

Ventimiglia is a  palette of colours all year round

 Here, cacti (left) grow as tall as houses!

 In the summer, Ventimiglia beach gets packed with sunbathers and swimmers coming not only from Italy itself but also from France and all over Europe

The fishermen in this port supply the fish that makes Ventimiglia’s restaurants whiff of seafood dishes

The lemon and mimosa season are reflected in window displays!


This is a mimosa tree in bloom

The mimosa’s heavenly scented flowers bloom for only two weeks in February.


Winters are so mild in this part of Italy that eating in the open in February is possible


 Someone is peeking out of the window…

Of course we won’t leave Ventimiglia without stopping for pizza!