Photo theme of today: Bountiful


Our bountiful love for humanity that we cannot even think of hurting their emotions, unlike some extremist few who makes killing their religion.

This peony bush has collapsed to the ground because of the weight of the flowers, but I managed to raise them up just for this shoot.

Pine cone buds aplenty


Delphinium and poppies, with a hovering bee above


I must have a thousand daisies in my garden!


Rose buds, how I wish I could see them open before we leave..

Nature trip

A trip to town followed by a walk in the forest then another walk in the meadow before a quick puttering in the garden…. I am at a loss for words by the beauty of the world around me so just enjoy the photos!

Rapeseed field in golden yellow…

Our village is part of the Wine route of southwestern Hungary  IMG_7063b
daisies in my garden 


lupin, delphinium and poppies in my garden 
IMG_7066bDaisies in my garden

A poppy after the rain


Meadow covered with flowers

A neighbour’s goat with the longest horns!

Irises in my garden

Steam coming out of the soil in this corn farm

A rabbit or a deer? He went scampering across the road as soon as he heard our van approaching!

A walk in the forest

Wonder what this crop is??


Same crop at close up

Fete de la Muguet


Several years ago when we used to live in the south of France, I received a sprig of “muguet” (lily-of-the-valley in English) from a dear neighbour who, despite losing his wife a while back, went on with the French tradition of muguet-giving, and me, being a recipient of one on that very special day buoyed my heart immensely!

On 1st of May 1561 a bouquet of muguet was given as a lucky charm to King Charles IX of France. From then on, he continued the habit of offering the tiny and delicate flower to all the ladies of the court as a sign of good luck and happiness. This started what today as one of the most beautiful traditions of the country, that of giving muguets to one’s friends or loved ones every First of May.




“Irises” by Vincent Van Gogh was painted while the artist was a patient at an asylum in the south of France. It fetched a record US$101.2million at an auction in 1990 making it one of the most expensive paintings ever sold.
Now, now, I may be losing my marbles once in a while but I would never be able to paint even a rough caricature of these irises now blooming in my garden. So glad that there are these things called camera and photoshop that I can present them in any way I can …..

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