Are you in Paris and would like to buy your absent hubby/boyfriend some clothes but not sure if they would fit him? Here is good news!

Go to the shops of “Celio” and you will find a group of young men who will try them for you. They call themselves the SHOPPENBOYS and they come in different body sizes … S, M, L, XL….

You see them hanging around inside the shop wearing nothing but red shorts and a smile! If your husband is Medium size, just choose Monsieur Medium and he will try your chosen shirt or pair of trousers. The service is free, by the way!

Cute huh? Plans for SHOPPENGIRLS are now in the can. What do you think?

Belgium, here we come!

For the Nth time, we are moving again. 

Where?  To Brussels, Belgium, thanks to the new work assignment of my husband. We lived there before, in fact, this will be the fourth time since 2000.

In Belgium, they speak three languages – French, Dutch and German, but almost everybody speak (know) English.

Belgium puts me off a bit because the weather is as bad as in England – grey skies, rain, cold.

But it has its good points – The Grand Place in the old town is considered as the most beautiful square in the world….its cuisine is excellent…..Coffeemate (coffee whitener) is sold in supermarkets (I always wonder why they don’t sell it in France?)…. and then, all BBC channels especially BBC Prime (which shows programs on renovating, gardening, house decorating, etc) are shown on TV (only BBC News is shown in France).

Hmmm… I thinkk I’m actually looking forward to living in Brussels again!

My coffee cup


This morning, I have been enjoying the good weather on the terrace. After the storm (which hit us) the past few days, it’s really great to take a little sun again! I have to take the opportunity while it’s there! Autumn nights are becoming cold…. I am already wearing sweater and socks in bed. Before we know it, we will be turning on the heating!



Although France is the gourmet capital of the world, there are still restaurants that leave you regretting why you went there in the first place. Choosing a restaurant is like gambling, sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you are unhappy!

But one sure way of knowing that a restaurant is  good – both in quality and in price – is when you see above labels  displayed on the facade.  

formerly 'A Pinay in Europe'

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