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“Irises” by Vincent Van Gogh was painted while the artist was a patient at an asylum in the south of France. It fetched a record US$101.2million at an auction in 1990 making it one of the most expensive paintings ever sold.
Now, now, I may be losing my marbles once in a while but I would never be able to paint even a rough caricature of these irises now blooming in my garden. So glad that there are these things called camera and photoshop that I can present them in any way I can …..

Moon-spotting again


You are seeing the actual colour of the moon taken at 5pm today. It was still low in the horizon hence the lovely orange tint and I could just stay there and compose my shots with more different foregrounds but I think three is enough, besides it’s freezing cold out there at -1 degC.
Will try again tomorrow and still hope that the night will be as clear as today…..