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Joining Photo Competitions

One of my New Year’s Resolutions this 2015 – aside from publishing my own book –  is to be more active in joining photo contests and reputable Photo sites so that some of my photos will hopefully get more exposure to the worldwideweb.   I have Flickr and some of my photos have been used on Yahoo online as well as in some commercial newsletters but that’s it.  I suppose I have reached a point where I feel I have matured so much as a photographer and it’s about time I start joining competitions.

So my first try which happened this week was with  The Guardian‘s  Photo Assignment on the theme of ‘JUMP’.  I  have submitted three (the first three below) and hopefully,  at least one of them, would be chosen alongside others for their “The New Review” online gallery.  I’ll keep you posted!

1st Submission:  Fishermen’s sons of Mabua showing off their jumping skills, Surigao, Philippines

2nd Submission: This mother jumps for coins thrown in by tourists arriving from a boat. Jagna, Bohol, Philippines


3rd Submission:  This boy shows off his jumping skill infront of a boat filled with tourists
then swims up to the boat hoping for COINS of admiration.  Bohol, Philippines

Not submitted:  Diver practicing in the Seine River.  Paris, France

Not submitted:  We have just moored our friends’ boat after some gentle sailing in Corfu waters when Amber, the daughter, couldn’t wait anymore and jumped behind our backs.  Well, not me and I was glad I had my camera ready to take the shot!  Corfu, Greece

Theme: Umbrella (Part 2)


I have featured the Umbrella before as a Theme but I just like it so much that I am posting here a Part Two!

It’s been raining continuously in Paris but even then, the colourful array of umbrellas on the streets still make the capital very photogenic, mysterious and romantic.  Just rightly so that it was Valentine’s Day when I was doing my photoscouting that I couldn’t help but notice the people under these brollies and I thought they could make a great post for this rainy season.


 The lovelocks of Pont de l’Archevêché
makes a perfect backdrop for the brolly-totting romantics

Come rain or shine, these Salvador Dali followers will not let the weather stop them from visiting the works of the most strange personality of all time.
Centre Pompidou

A macaroon stopover is always a welcome respite when it’s raining in all might..

The umbrella is also a great fashion statement

When it’s raining, this skating rink infront of the Hotel de Ville gets deserted and it becomes a perfect spot for those in search of white tranquility.

These umbrella girls just wanna have fun!

With these rain protectors, a grey street is suddenly transformed into a colourful parading lane

Without the black brolly on the right, this scene would not appear as mysterious

An umbrella, a bicycle and a colourful shop facade – voila! a good setting for a film..

It’s a BLUE day in Paris

A golden umbrella next to a galden macaroon vitrine makes gastronomic fashion sense

and more fashion sense!


An umbrella can aid in making a couple gets closer

And  it could create a romantic photo to display on that long-been-empty wall space


 But if an umbrella is not practical with one’s sporting interest, there’s always the raincoat as alternative.


 Raincoat not only for the body but also for that expensive purchase – such as this one  from Longchamp!

(More Umbrella themes coming soon!)



Theme: Man, the Observer

Man, of whatever age, background and orientation has that certain mystique in the way he looks at things. You don’t know what is in his mind.   No one can fathom how he interprets something that catches his interest. Could it be that his inventive or creative gene is at work? After all, that’s how the famous inventors since the beginning of time  are made up of – the ever inquisitive minds.

I would like to delve on the observant nature of man through our Theme for today.

Enjoy browsing!

Of books and famous men…
Shakespeare and Company bookstore, Paris


Stopping to admire …

 On leave and under the spell of Hotel de Ville

Window shopping  in Paris

Scrutinising Tintin
“Au de la Street Art” Exhibition, Paris


 “It is an unscrupulous intellect
that does not pay to antiquity its due reverence.”
Desiderius Erasmus
(rue Guisarde, Paris 6th)

“A good woman inspires a man…..”
 Helen Rowland 
Place des Abbesses, Paris

A policeman eternally observes in the name of security…


Observing the New Arrivals

Theme: Sleep

Today is  “La Journée du Sommeil” or Day of Sleep. I chose to call it Sleep Festival to make it sound more of a celebratory manner.

Why “celebratory”? Because this is the 12th year that they are holding this event, taking place today, 16th of March, all over France.

Hence, let me join in the observance by making “Sleep’ the theme for today.

Just please don’t fall asleep while looking at these photos..ZZzzzzz….

Sleeping in the clouds…..Zermatt, Switzerland


Headless in Paris.  France


This pensioner found a way to save on electricity. He goes to his favorite haunt, the well-heated Botanique in Brussels and spends the entire morning sleeping on a bench. This place used to be a plant conservatory but now turned into a concert venue.

Sleeping Statue…….Paris, France

This way nobody steals his bag while he sleeps….Paris, France


The homeless needs to sleep somewhere….San !remo, Italy


Sleeping with his chicken …… Cebu, Philippines

The beanbag sleeper……. Paris, France


This is the longest bench in the world, a perfect place to sleep fivesome!
Geneva, Switzerland

Theme: The Kiss

It is a world icon, this poster of a kissing couple in black and white, adorning all the souvenir shops of Paris.  If Eiffel Tower is the structure that identifies Paris, this photo symbolizes what Paris stands for – the City of Love and Romance!

But much as I have always coveted a copy of this poster to Paris-ify the wall of my sitting room, I never really thought about the man from whom this photo came into being.   It was only when I read about his photo exhibition which is ongoing at the Hotel de Ville that I came to find out that he was the photographer of this picture of a couple stealing a passionate kiss on a Paris street.

Robert Doisneau (1912-1994) is one of the most famous French photographers  and “The Kiss by the City Hall” is arguably one of his most famous  photographs.

Did you know that when the woman in the photo put her original print for auction in 2005 in Paris – 55 years after it was taken – it fetched for $202,000!

I have accumulated my own “Kiss” shots over the past months and by using it as our today’s Theme, I might get lucky enough to find a buyer… who knows?

Here is the poster icon of Robert Doisneau,  “The Kiss by the City Hall”.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – — – –

And this is “The Kiss” versions of mariadams!


The Kiss outside the Cinema….at the Champs Elysées


The Kiss by the Pont-Neuf


The Kiss on top of Galeries Lafayette


The Kiss at the Vatican (Rome)


The Kiss at Charles Bridge (Prague)


The Kiss in the Laundry