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A weekend in the Jura: Day 2 – Saint Ursanne, Switzerland

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Sunday, 13 March 2016


The next day, we drove past the Swiss border to visit the medieval village of Saint Ursanne. This is the border sign of Switzerland (in French)

The old border control building in Lucelle, Switzerland. There’s no border guard anymore so anyone can just pass by. (But beware, Swiss border police stopped us on the highway on our way back to France. The usual document checks.)


Arrived in the village of Saint Ursanne and this is the first grotesque work of art we saw, the entrance of a bar-restaurant.


The village of Saint Ursanne is listed as one of the most beautiful and best preserved villages in Switzerland.
Above is the old wall dated 1403, part of the fortification built around a castle that is no longer in existence.


An antique shop located in an old barn. too bad they’re closed on Sundays!




Some Christmas decors are still in place.


Fountain with two basins, dated 1667.


A shoe gardening idea


Don’t throw away your old cups and broken coffeemakers. They can breathe their second life as garden pots.



.. even your old padlocks, shower tubes, etc can be transformed into a work of art.


A 3-month old Saint Bernard playing with 2-year old Charlie


A corner building shrine


The old houses along the river Doubs


Lots of hiking and cycling paths in the Jura.



This is the ground floor ceiling of the City Hall building dated 1406.


Southern door of the Collegiate church built from the 2nd half of the 12th century.


The tympanum shows Christ sitting on a throne, with Saint Ursicinus praying (left).


Grotesque Images such as this on the capital of the pillars.




Saint Ursicinus and his bear atop a fountain dated 1591.





Bridge over the river Doubs, dated 1728.




16th century building





One of the four gates entering the village, dated between the 15th-16th century.


Another fountain with two basins dated 1677.


We found the way to Saint Ursicinus’ grotto, 190-steps up the hill.


That’s the grotto on the right where the hermit saint lived in the year 610.


Saint Ursicinus (below) and the Virgin above. The wooden sculpture of a bear was added later. Bear in Latin is “ursus”.


Time to go down. .


we took the steep route amongst the woods.


Arriving back at the corner of the village’s main street, voila, this chest freezer was waiting for us! It says in the paper “A donner. Congelateur fonct.” (To give away. Freezer functioning well.)
Thank you, Saint Ursanne. You are the giver of miracles that we never prayed for. Yes, we’ve been dreaming to have a big freezer in our home. It’s functioning perfectly well, 80L capacity and Made in Denmark.. Whoah!


I went inside the Collegiate church to pray and thank Saint Ursanne.

Saint Wolfgang on the right.


Time to drive back home.  This is my favorite Spring plant, the Aubretia.  (Swiss countryside)



Easter (egg) decoration in the Swiss countryside


A bus stop in the Swiss countryside

Vaduz, Chur and Davos

Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein, the sixth smallest country in the world with only 35,000 people. It lies in the center of the Alps between Switzerland and Austria.
Chur is the oldest town in Switzerland (about 3900-3500 BC)
Davos is the site of the annual World Economic Forum

VADUZ is so small that it took us less than an hour to do the round trip by bus which we caught in Sargans, Switzerland.

The very first thing that will blow you away as the bus enters Liechtenstein is the castle.  It is not too big but it’s so high up it dominates the entire country.

Vadoz bus stop.

CHUR.  We chose Chur as our base for easy half a day trips to St Moritz and Davos.  It’s a nice town, picturesque and set in a backdrop of snowcapped mountains.

A children’s playground in Chur

Rathaus is German for town hall… to why “RAT”…..probably because they play when the top officials are away, joke


View from our hotel.

DAVOS.  We wanted to get a glimpse of this place where world leaders meet up every year.


The venue of the World Economic Forum is not even a grandiose building

Kissing in Davos


Day trip to St Moritz

It’s the Montecarlo of the Swiss Alps.

Royalties, World leaders, the rich and famous – the vast majority of them have one thing in common: they have gone on a winter skiing holiday in St Moritz!

But believe it or not. you don’t have to be in any of the above categories to experience the world’s most glamorous resort.

A day trip will do, some Swiss Francs for the cable car ride that will take you to a higher spot so you can enjoy the most amazing view of the glaciers, the lakes, the greeneries and the alpine flowers, a bit of window-shopping in the High Street, a slice of Sacher cake and a cup of coffee to complete the package and, voila! you have done St Moritz without digging dip into your pocket.

And with the help of your camera, you could take home a souvenir of that experience in the form of photographs!

Here are some of mine.

Arriving at the train station of St Moritz, you will be greeted by this stunning scenery of glacier mountains!

If you have pre-booked your hotel where you will be picked up by a car as grandiose as this, then you must be rolling in money!

We are not, but we are equally happy taking this bus going to town.  And with our Swiss Pass, it’s just a matter of Hopping On and Hopping Off!

You’d think you are lost in Italy as soon as you see this Italian-looking church tower on the way,
but no worries, St Moritz is close to the Italian border so you can see some influence of its neighbouring country.


Even the name of this square – Piazza di Scoula is in Italian. That building is the St Moritz library.

The  St Moritz Protestant Church is a major landmark


The town center is also a luxury shopping area

 Clients are assured of comfort in St Moritz

Window-shopping can become an amazing experience in this town of the well-heeled!



When you are tired window-shopping, you can take the cable car to go up a higher ground.

A mindblowing landscape up there!

I was tempted to sing “The Hills are Alive..” but this is only Switzerland

In the summer, St Moritz is a walker’s paradise..but be careful though as the footpath is very steep!
(As you can see on the right, a lady has already slipped!)


And before we said adieu to this glamorous town, we had to taste their pastry and coffee, at least!


Amidst the Glacier

If you don’t know how to ski, or you are not rich enough to afford a helicopter ride up to the glaciers, don’t fret. Switzerland makes sure that you get the chance to experience that glacier feeling, thanks to the Swiss engineers from the 19th century who built tunnels, railways, funiculars and cable cars that enable milliions of tourists to reach these highest points of the Swiss Alps in this modern day and age.

This is our ride to the 10,000 feet high Schiltorn mountain which was made famous by James Bond’s “On her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

The area is a walker’s paradise. This is a group of Japanese tourists on a Walking Holiday.


Up close and personal with the waterfalls, seen from the cable car

Voila, the glacier!



That is a skiing path that starts from where we are standing.

Postcard snow beauty

The cable car amidst the clouds

View from the revolving restaurant


The filming of James Bond on the Schiltorn has made it so famous

The famous terrace of the Bond film

and naturally, everything about James Bond is everywhere in this building.
You can even take home a piece of the 007 phenomenon, like a photo of Bond kissing errr…you, for example.
I took this shot from a TV screen showing the photos of visitors making it with James…


Descending to flat land, our hotel is the big one on the corner

Time for a drink