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Fete de la Muguet


Several years ago when we used to live in the south of France, I received a sprig of “muguet” (lily-of-the-valley in English) from a dear neighbour who, despite losing his wife a while back, went on with the French tradition of muguet-giving, and me, being a recipient of one on that very special day buoyed my heart immensely!

On 1st of May 1561 a bouquet of muguet was given as a lucky charm to King Charles IX of France. From then on, he continued the habit of offering the tiny and delicate flower to all the ladies of the court as a sign of good luck and happiness. This started what today as one of the most beautiful traditions of the country, that of giving muguets to one’s friends or loved ones every First of May.

Spring Collage


“Look deep into Nature and then you will understand everything better”, Albert Einstein once said.

We are surrounded with it.
Colours, naturally sculpted trees, floral displays and so much more. They are just out of this world, too good to enjoy all to ourselves so I am creating a collage of what we see each day (as if my almost daily postings are not enough!) but I hope even with this little gesture the sight of them could put a smile on your face, amidst the chaos already happening in this world.

We are still deluged with strong winds and freezing cold weather after a spate of snowflakes, rain and windstorm the previous day. But we had to do some shopping as we are running short of milk, and the first thing that greeted us outside the gate is this fallen tree, struck by the howling gale of last night. This beautiful white flowering tree that I always admired and photographed from the window during a snowy winter. It was blocking the road and despite H’s attempts to push it on the side, it’s too heavy and voluminous to move so we just worked our way, driving the car carefully so we don’t go rolling onto the ditch on the other side.

You see a photo of the roadside tulips being blown by the wind, the lovely palette of colours created by the rapeseed fields against a blue sky as if we are driving through a landscape painting, then a walk in the forest where we are endlessly discovering strange-looking flora…

April deluge



The weather forecast this morning was of snow and I didn’t believe it. It’s April for goodness’ sake, they must be mistaken. But it did happen, and it’s still happening as I type. Three weather patterns came one after another since this morning: strong winds, rain and now snow. It’s only 5 in the afternoon so I wonder what will happen next. Oh well, I will continue to sit next to the fire and debate which one of my long-shelved thousand and ten projects needs urgent attention. I have enough projects that could last me three retirements, you see. But I’ve been procrastinating as usual. How can’t I when I am surrounded by beautiful works of nature needing to be photographed and scrapped! In the meantime, I need to finish mixing my bread and lemon pudding ingredients which have been sitting in the kitchen since this morning.

Truly, a woman’s work is never done!



The Zala, Hungary

We walk almost every morning before we start our day and Springtime is the best season for walking as the fields, forests and even roadsides explode with flowers! The more we venture out, the more we discover fascinating footpaths and lovely countrysides … and they are just on our doorstep!