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Of studs and spikes



Everyone seems to be wearing studs and spikes these days and there’s no stopping it!  It’s now a fashion statement that is fast expanding its reach – from leathergoods to clothing  not only among fashionistas and haute couture houses but even extending to pets and household accessories!



I first noticed this fashion years ago, popularly worn by motorcycle riders who want to look cool in their stud-ridden black leather costumes and bags and I thought then that they belong to a breed that is best left alone as I somehow associate “studs and spikes” with something of a wild nature….

But big names of the fashion world have started incorporating studs into their products like these shoes of Christian Louboutin although personally, the  “wild” feel still exists…..


 So from one fashion designer to the other, the trend quickly exploded, such as these stilettos by Kurt Geiger.

Another pair from Kurt Geiger on display in his Covent Garden (London) boutique.

From window displays off to the streets, I now see them worn by practically every fashionista….

And they have invaded even the popular sneakers…

… and bags, too, are coming out in studs and spikes

… that even the high streets of Monte-Carlo have joined in the studded fun

Of course, like any other fashion, variation is a natural improvement of old things.  Now the wild feel is more subdued…

And they start getting colourful..

…..and finely chic….

Such demand for everything studded has grown to an all time high that you can even find them selling in souvenir shops!

But for those who are not into studding, there is also a wide choice of similar stuff, like this pearly heeled shoes…

But I suppose studs will always be more popular…

And rhinestones, too, for the more chic stud follower –   such as this skull phone aptly called the “head of death”

This vintage lipstick is a perfect addition to one’s stud collection


And to complete the fashion statement, you can stud-dress your pet dog, too!