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Roadtrip Day 2: The beauty – and danger – of Snow

Stayed the night in Moirans. The next day, we had breakfast at a café in the Old Town.
In France, you can buy your croissants at a Boulangerie (bakery) and have them with your coffee at a Café.
It is widely accepted; cheaper, too!

Did a quick sightseeing after breakfast. This is the Romanesque Medieval church of Moirans

It’s the primrose season in Moirans

A chemical factory in its glorious days, now getting converted into residential units

Cemetery of Moirans

Bas-relief of a priest praying….probably for the soul of the priest buried in this tomb.

We left Moirans and continued driving towards the Alps.  This area of the Alps is route
to the annual Tour de France hence, this cyclist’s sculpture in the roundabout.

Look…..the dam is frozen!

We would have picked this hitchhiker but the van is so full we couldn’t even move!

Paragliding in the snow!

Stopped for lunch of crepe (savoury pancake) accompanied by a refreshing cider – perfect combination!

Took this photo of the restaurant’s window curtain… nice idea for home!

A quick walk around to shed off the calories

The village hall or City Hall building

I was quite enjoying watching Ski fashion all around me, but this lady’s skiing shoes make so much noise like she is walking in clogs!


The town of Briançon has its own skiing resort just on their doorstep.

The cable car line of Briançon which takes the skiers up on the mountain.

Col de Larche is “Ouvert” meaning OPEN so we continued driving….
(but this will be the exact spot where we would get stuck because of the sudden fall of snow)

Ski all day, dance all night!

And it started to snow hard…Uh uh…. the road is freezing…

Oh no! we are getting stuck here!
Yes, we got stuck on the road! The van’s tires have lost grip on the icy surface! Vision of my life is now playing in my mind as flashbacks…we’re finished!
But wait! we have a shovel at the back of the van, quick! The snowstorm is freezing the road so fast!

(Fast forward)
After a calculated struggle, and my silent prayers, we did manage to make a U-turn and drove back at a turtle speed. We saw this snow bulldozer on our way down and made a deep sigh… thank goodness, we are alive!

An answered prayer.

Flying High – view from the sky

The first thing I always request when checking in for a flight is a window seat.  Why?  Because I am obsessed taking photos  from an airplane window!  The world becomes miniature from above,  nature emerges as an interesting patchwork of colours, geometric patterns and stunning landscapes.  Clouds look like the finest of cotton and if you are lucky, you might even see mile long school of birds flapping away in the horizon (which I did, honestly).

I have accumulated hundreds of sky photos for I always carry my gear with me when flying.  And even if Easyjet demands only one cabin handbag, thank goodness I can hang my camera around my neck, which makes me look like a Japanese tourist – but who cares, I get the shots I want from my window seat.

Here are the images I took flying from Paris to Catania, Sicily last week.


Paris skies were grey and depressing today.  The culprit – this thick layer of clouds blocking out the sun completely.

  Lake Geneva, bordered by both Switzerland and France (the French call it Lake Lehman)

Flying over the Alps.
The Alps are the largest mountain system in Europe. They stretch from Italy through France,
Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and into Slovenia.

An Italian island off the Mediterannean sea

Lemon and orange groves just outside Catania.

These patches of ponds look like art on canvas.  So this is how the farmers store water for watering their crops.


Like toy trucks

London in Snow




Not much customers for this outdoor café  beneath the viaduct in Vauxhall

Despite icy pavements, jogging must go on for these health buffs at Albert Embankment

One’s favorite pastime now is building snowmen such as this one I found under a tree in Pimlico Gardens

Lovers in St George’s Square, Pimlico District

A worker clearing up snow along Jubilee Gardens

A postcard beauty of St George’s Square with the St Saviour’s church in the background

 The now white garden park of St Thomas Hospital is a great place for reflection and making phone calls…

A lovely people scene at the Riverside Walk along  Jubilee gardens

The statue becoming like the color of a snowman  at Pimlico Gardens

The pruned rose garden of St George’s Square buried in snow

The  icy pavements along St George’s Drive  

A tree heavy with ice is just as great as a tree heavy with fruits.


Tale of two white cities


Snowfall, snowfall….entire Ile-de-France is covered with thick snow this Sunday morning

Even the rairoads are inches deep in snow.  The curvy trail on the right is that of our suitcases on wheels. 

What normally is a two-hour Eurostar train trip from Paris to London took five hours.  We kept stopping on the way due to bad weather, which gave me a chance to photograph anything that gets my sight!



Thank goodness we’ve arrived!  Hailed a taxi to save us from towing our bags through snow again.  Even if London taxis have now been modernised, they still kept those precious leg and luggage spaces!


London at night

and still London in snow at night

Snowseeing from home

A town in Ile-de-France  (Paris suburb)

We woke up this Saturday morning to a staggering sight of winter wonderland beauty just outside our bedroom window and I couldn’t wait to get my camera and start snapping!  Indeed,  after breakfast, we covered ourselves from head to foot with everything thermal, including some slip-resistant shoes and started hitting the road.  We didn’t have to go far as our area alone – blessed with a river, lake, forest, wide fields, tree lined avenues – is that perfect spot for snowseeing.

Enjoy the photos!



Look who has come to greet us! 



That’s the frozen lake beyond those trees 

Too freezing cold to sit on that bench!

A central Paris-bound train 

White forest