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Flying High – view from the sky

The first thing I always request when checking in for a flight is a window seat.  Why?  Because I am obsessed taking photos  from an airplane window!  The world becomes miniature from above,  nature emerges as an interesting patchwork of colours, geometric patterns and stunning landscapes.  Clouds look like the finest of cotton and if you are lucky, you might even see mile long school of birds flapping away in the horizon (which I did, honestly).

I have accumulated hundreds of sky photos for I always carry my gear with me when flying.  And even if Easyjet demands only one cabin handbag, thank goodness I can hang my camera around my neck, which makes me look like a Japanese tourist – but who cares, I get the shots I want from my window seat.

Here are the images I took flying from Paris to Catania, Sicily last week.


Paris skies were grey and depressing today.  The culprit – this thick layer of clouds blocking out the sun completely.

  Lake Geneva, bordered by both Switzerland and France (the French call it Lake Lehman)

Flying over the Alps.
The Alps are the largest mountain system in Europe. They stretch from Italy through France,
Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and into Slovenia.

An Italian island off the Mediterannean sea

Lemon and orange groves just outside Catania.

These patches of ponds look like art on canvas.  So this is how the farmers store water for watering their crops.


Like toy trucks