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Window shopping in Milan

I’m back from a long absence and what a better blog-coming gift I could give you, my readers, than some photos of window shopping scenes in one of the world’s oldest shopping malls – the Galeria Vittorio Emmanuelle II(built between 1865 – 1877), named after the first King of the Kingdom of Italy..

Enjoy the photos!

Window-shopping (Part 2)…. in Monaco

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If a third-hand is cheaper then I’m interested!

Those are second-hand…who can tell!

Even a second hand LV still looks an LV!

(still second hand)…Shame.. too small for me

Chopard mini-umbrellas.. errrr… watches

Most shops display the photo of the Prince and his Princess.. This is a second hand shop.

A city of racing cars need shoes for drivers of racing cars!

The rich still needs toilet accessories fit for the rich!

Can’t make up his mind! red, black, grey….

If it’s Gucci, it must be good!

No, they are not auctioning the car. The man with the number 40 sign is a tourist guide.
These tourists just arrived from a cruise ship and they are about to enter the Casino which is the building behind them.

Let’s go window shopping in Brussels!

What caught my eye while sightseeing in Brussels are the shop window displays!  From fashion to toys to gift items, food, souvenirs – so colourful, innovative,  often weird and  foolish!   I had a great time shooting almost nonstop because the shopkeepers didn’t care, they are probably used to shutter-crazed tourists like me!

These images are the goodies I brought from Brussels for your enjoyment.  As to the food which Belgium is famous for,  I shall delve  on them on my next post.  For now, let’s all enjoy window shopping!


Sherbet vintage!

Slim is beautiful…

 It reminds me of those European period dresses but this one has the  alternative tinge!

She’s wearing a painting but I love it!

Don’t throw your leftover fabrics, you can recycle them like Borsalino does!

A vintage shop with cool-looking mannequins!

Love the patchwork look!

Errr… looks like a typewriter bag!

Once again, Lush has succeeded in making soaps look like cakes!

No, it’s not the robot of Star Trek, it’s a rubbish bin by Vipp!

Perfect canine friend for the busy family – no maintenance!

Pastry jewelry

My dream glass chandelier – not too big, not too small!


Brussels is the capital of Art Nouveau, and having one of these books will satisfy my Belle Epoque yearnings, I think..

Scary or cute?….both!

This long beaked face reminds me of those Venetian masks which we see in souvenir shops.  Indeed it signifies the same thing –  the Plague Doctor mask!   In the 14th century, the black plague ravaged Europe killing nearly two-thirds of its population, so doctors had to protect themselves by wearing masks with long noses to avoid getting too close to the patients they are treating.

.Belgian houses may not look like these anymore but at least, you can choose to look at these souvenirs to remind you of old times gone by…

Pick your own chocolates, wow!

A perfect gift for myself!

For Gustav Klimt fanatics on a budget!

For cat lovers

Would grandma like this gift?  Who knows?

At the Depot-Vente

Ile de France


One of the many good things about our home outside of Paris is its proximity to a Depot-Vente

Depot-Vente literally translates to Consigment-Sale which holds true in France but the things involved are second-hand.  Not only because it sells cheap used items like furniture, books, electrical appliances, paintings, vintage and collectibles – it is,  more importantly, like a museum of household paraphernalia produced or manufactured in the last 100 years or even earlier if one rummages carefully!   Several years ago, I found a pocketsize prayer book published in the late 18OOs in Paris, a precious collectible I thought, which could probably sell a fortune if I waited for several decades, the only catch is, it is in Latin!

Anyway, one important advantage of buying second-hand particularly the pre-21st centuryMade in Italy/Germany/France electrical appliances is that they were made to the highest standards, lasting for several decades, unlike the stuff they are selling nowadays – brand new Made in China plastic goods where they break  soon after unpacking them.  Other big pluses about old vintage items are that they are beautifully made, durable and timeless that is why they are making a tremendous comeback!  That is the reason why I love going to the  Depot-Vente.  I want to surround myself with everything that works and will last for years and years  until I am old and grey!

Now before we start talking about my own vintage age, let’s go window shopping !


How they packaged bulky items in those days!  These same boxes could be a great cornerpiece in my sitting room!

Cute for “all-things-pig” collectors!

Wineglasses break and go so this shop is a practical place to run to when guests are coming for dinner.  It doesn’t hurt if it’s only 30-centimes a glass!

Modern day babies can still experience cuddling great grandma’s playhorse!

It may not work for colored shows but Black and White films are becoming a trend!

If I had 380 Euros, I would whisk this settee away without delay!

A cupboard fit for a puppeteer!

A fabric luggage, might be of the Louis Vuitton era!  I’m just guessing….

Both make a harmonious colour combination…. a good enough attention getter in my living room!

This brand came out in 1922…lovely design!

Photo tour of Parisian de luxe

I was ambling along Champs Elysées this morning on my way to a coffee morning break with friends when I noticed the new window display of  Louis Vuitton.  It was still early, the Avenue still empty of tourists, which was what I wanted  in the first place as I was meaning to do a photoshoot of Christmassy stuff and all that…..  But instead of scouting for reindeers, Santa Claus and festive garlands, I got engrossed by the ultra-fashionable overcoats and colourful luggage, got carried away and  went  on snapping photos to my heart’s content –  free as a bird  –  for there seemed to be no security personnel yet at such early hour and the only movement I could see  comes from the  cleaning staff.

I also hit the  shopping street of George  V, one of the most expensive streets of Paris  so get ready, enjoy the photos…. and watch your heart!


Louis Vuitton

An LV- sequined bag

I like this sequined monogram!

LV watches

Nice winter outfit for Monsieur





Jean-Paul Gautier


This hip wire could also double as petticoat support, I think.




The vivid colours of a Hermes’ hat!





Georgio Armani



The golden dotted tiger of Cartier has turned to black..