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Autumn Harvest 2015 in the Zala


Every village or town we pass through in the Zala seems to have its own Autumn harvest display.
In similar places in France and Italy, Autumn festivals are held in a much grander scale
where a schedule of programs are organized that usually lasts for days,
but here in the agricultural region of southwestern Hungary where scantily populated villages
are far between, it’s more of a combined effort

of the farming locals, as a way of keeping their tradition alive, to put up a modest display
of their produce accompanied by lifesize dolls which they made themselves.
And since it’s the Autumn school holidays of the kids. it also serves as an exciting sight to look at everyday.

Human relationships, Hope and Birds

Dropping by the post office today, I heard the chirping of birds coming from the nearby Aviary of the village. I thought I should take a look of it after my errand.

Am I glad I did – for what I saw that moment made my heart jumped with joy. It was the most beautiful sight of colourful birds singing and playing with each other.

Not that I haven’t seen birds singing before. I just felt that witnessing such mesmerizing beauty of nature on a grey winter day just proves that each day brings a promise of hope to everyone.

We just have to learn how to look at things on the positive side.

(Note: Quote: Unknown)