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Santa Claus came early this year!



These children are growing up so fast. We go away for several months and everytime we come home we could hardly recognize them because they are shooting up so rapidly, from small kids when we first met them, into lovely, well-behaved teenagers.
They are all beautiful, with pure hearts, and have been bringing so much fun to us and Charlie. And because we will be flying off again soon, we asked Santa to come early for them!

A Week in Alsace and the Black Forest

A digiscrap memento of my sister-in-law’s recent visit, a week packed with jaw-dropping discoveries and exhilarating adventures. These photos tell our wonderful journey to the beautiful region of French Alsace and the German Black Forest which is just on our doorstep. It was quite a challenge to put all of eight days and thousands of pictures in just one page but that’s the beauty of scrapbooking. Love it!