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The Zala, Hungary

We walk almost every morning before we start our day and Springtime is the best season for walking as the fields, forests and even roadsides explode with flowers! The more we venture out, the more we discover fascinating footpaths and lovely countrysides … and they are just on our doorstep!



Udine, a touch of Venice and Vienna



Our first overnight stop was Udine, an Italian town 40 kms from the Slovenian border. It was not our intention to stop there but our punctured tire forced us to. We’re glad we did and we just had to shed off our winter jackets as everybody looks so fashionable. We noticed that street signs are written in two languages – German and Italian. German because it was under German-speaking Austria for 70 years. Everywhere we walked, we also met Venice, the city that ruled the region for almost 400 years.