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Manila Vice – Art Exhibition in France

Two years ago, an art exhibition of Filipino artists was held at the Musée International des Arts Modestes in Sète, southern France. I got to know the event when I saw it being promoted by Telematin, a French morning show I watch everyday. Naturally, I got excited seeing my countrymen’s artworks shown on European TV as well getting exhibited on European soil so I thought I should share it with my Filipino readers all over the world.

Here are the images I took from the TV screen:


The Poster.


The French tv reporter wearing a Manila Vice t-shirt.


Works of 23 works of Filipino artists displayed were curated by Manuel Ocampo .


Ocampo, who has extensively exhibited his works in major art capitals around the world including Europe, Asia, and the United States, is on a personal mission to bring the Philippine art community on a par with its global counterparts.


Interview inside a jeepney which is part of the exhibition.




It includes a figure of Ex-President Corazon Aquino sitting on a chair. Notice that her feet are suspended on air…she was a small woman.


The Philippines is a country ruled by Politics and the Church


But despite a lot of problems, the Filipino is renowned for being an easy going person.


With poverty, crime and all the problems besetting them, all the Filipino can do is to pray that their life will someday get better.


Artificially-dyed chicks make brisk business in the Philippines because kids love to have them as toys, instead of pets.

Philippine Election 2010

The Green Team trying to be visible during the Holy Week Procession

Mr Driver, I think you dropped your plate number somewhere..

“I promised to clean Mambajao Town when we get elected!”

Errr….madam, you’re supposed to hang that banner..

Ancestral home vandalized
Jagna, Bohol

Jagna, Bohol

Jagna, Bohol

Jagna, Bohol

Jagna, Bohol

More rice trolleys if I win!
Jagna, Bohol

Cebu City

Who’s going to clean these walls when election is over?
Cebu City

At least it hides this hideous G.I. sheet fence
Cebu City

The power of Photoshop
Cebu City

Carcar, Cebu

Mr. V, if you become President, could you please tidy up these electric cables? They are really an eyesore.
Cebu City

Please create playgrounds for each barangay so these children will not go astray.
Carcar, Cebu

Please get the Health Secretary to impose controls on our street food. How can we be sure that the lechon manok we are buying was not already dead due to starvation or heatstroke?
Carcar, Cebu

Please preserve our historic buildings. They form part of our national heritage.
Bantayan ng Hari, Carcar, Cebu

Promise to remove your banners after election. They ruin the beauty of this bamboo house
Carcar, Cebu

There are far too many tricycles in this town…just make sure they don’t emit black smoke..
Tabunok, Cebu

A fish spa experience


 Right after the interment of my father, we organized a day out for the whole family just so we could relax our grieving hearts a bit.

Manila Ocean Park is a very educational and interesting place for young and old alike. I just thought the price of 400pesos per head is quite expensive so no chance for the deprived to enjoy this marine park. Also, for all its popularity, visited by thousands each day, they only have three (3) wheelchairs! But the guides are very good! One of them specifically toured us around, even acted as our family photographer! 

And what a better way to end the awesome experience than to treat ourselves to a fish spa!

spa.jpg  spa2.jpg

I first saw this fish spa thing several weeks ago on French TV news where they reported that this is becoming popular in China.   Never did I imagine that I would be experience it myself in  the Philippines! That goes to show that our country is not getting left behind after all !

The feeling of getting bitten by “anchovies”? – well, at first I was imagining that they were dwarf piranhas and they might eat my skin slowly but after a while, I started to enjoy it.  It was actually ticklish!

Dolphin-watching in Bohol



It was our last day in Bohol, in fact, the last day of our Visayan odyssey so H insisted that we have to see a dolphin, whatever it takes!

Dolphin-watching in Bohol looks straightforward. No Philippine Coastguard (unlike the one to Apo Island) nor Philippine Tourism Office (in Bais) seems to be involved that here in Panglao Island, more banca boys have the chance to make money without ripping off tourists. The price of 1,700pesos covers dolphin-watching and snorkelling at nearby Balicasag Island plus rental of one life-jacket (for me) and two snorkel masks. Sounds reasonable enough, and even made ultra-reasonable when Ryan (our boatman) qualified that if we don’t see dolphins, we pay only 400pesos!

We met him on the beach by 5:30am the next day and at around 7am, our boat was floating in deep waters waiting for the dolphins. We were floating… sailing fast… lingering slowly..then sailing fast again – all these went on for what seemed to be ages that we were starting to smell disappointment, but at the same time, feeling rather triumphant that we won’t be shelling out the extra 1,300pesos(only 400pesos), hurray!
Suddenly, lo and behold! they started to appear….starting with two jumping together in perfect synchrony, then four…then more that i started to lose count! A school of dolphins, I swear there must have been hundreds of them!!
I was almost crying with joy while continuously clicking my camera! I must put this awesomely moving moment into picture!

Suddenly, the camera’s memory card registered “FULL”.  Oh no! I need another card!
But H was so absorbed videoing the moment that he wouldn’t even take his eyes off that damn video camera.  He was deaf to my screaming “where-the-heck-is-the-extra-memory-card?”

Groping on his camera bag, I eventually found one – what a relief! – but alas! the dolphins were jumping too fast  and the boat was continuously tilting that it was almost impossible to get a stable shot. And even with the camera’s sports mode (continuous shooting), it was difficult to get a full-bodied shot.

I then soon realized that all these photographic greed is in itself interrupting this heart-moving experience so I put the camera away and went on to enjoy the sight of these wonderful creatures.
These dolphins in the wild are so beautiful, so graceful, they are like humans with the way they are showing off.  They know fully well that we (some ten boats all in all) were there just to watch them and they did not disappoint us!  I simply adore them!  And after seeing them so happy in the wild, I now abhor what they are doing in HongKong’s Ocean Park, and now, we are even doing this in our own backyard, at Manila Ocean Park! 

Dolphins.  I have added them to my list of “must-see before i leave this earth!”.