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London in Snow




Not much customers for this outdoor café  beneath the viaduct in Vauxhall

Despite icy pavements, jogging must go on for these health buffs at Albert Embankment

One’s favorite pastime now is building snowmen such as this one I found under a tree in Pimlico Gardens

Lovers in St George’s Square, Pimlico District

A worker clearing up snow along Jubilee Gardens

A postcard beauty of St George’s Square with the St Saviour’s church in the background

 The now white garden park of St Thomas Hospital is a great place for reflection and making phone calls…

A lovely people scene at the Riverside Walk along  Jubilee gardens

The statue becoming like the color of a snowman  at Pimlico Gardens

The pruned rose garden of St George’s Square buried in snow

The  icy pavements along St George’s Drive  

A tree heavy with ice is just as great as a tree heavy with fruits.


Snowseeing from home

A town in Ile-de-France  (Paris suburb)

We woke up this Saturday morning to a staggering sight of winter wonderland beauty just outside our bedroom window and I couldn’t wait to get my camera and start snapping!  Indeed,  after breakfast, we covered ourselves from head to foot with everything thermal, including some slip-resistant shoes and started hitting the road.  We didn’t have to go far as our area alone – blessed with a river, lake, forest, wide fields, tree lined avenues – is that perfect spot for snowseeing.

Enjoy the photos!



Look who has come to greet us! 



That’s the frozen lake beyond those trees 

Too freezing cold to sit on that bench!

A central Paris-bound train 

White forest



My first taste of Hungarian snow


The car was rolling through the hotel’s parking lot when snow flakes started coming down….hurray…my first taste of snow this year, direct from Hungary!


The next day,  we were treated with a taste of winter wonderland scenery..

that reminded us of the Alps – kind of a rustic Switzerland


But the sun came out soon after that …

This is Lispeszentadorján after the snow……..


What winter caps to wear…when in Paris

Winter in Paris is not complete without the caps!  It’s like cruising in the cold without the coat.  Not only that, it’s a “must-have” winter fashion accessory, too! 

Yesterday, I went searching for that ideal Parisian cap but couldn’t make my mind up which style to choose so I went observing what everyone was wearing.

After a day of rigorous headwear analysis, my choice was reduced to knitted woolen caps.





Before I even left that morning, I also dug into my photoarchives:



It’s not a woolen cap but classic





what about fur caps, I asked myself.  Hmmm… too much of an attention-getter


And the winner is:

How about you?  Which of the above would you choose?