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Street Photography: Budapest

Theater lovers entering the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theatre in Nagymezo Street to watch the musical show, Miss Saigon

Tourists at St Stephen’s Basilica (Szent Istvan Bazilika)

Lovers near the Chain Bridge

Guard outside Buda Castle

Footpath to Castle Hill

Snowflakes were starting to fall as we passed by this street on our way to the dentist.  One hour later, as we walked back the same street, imagine our surprise when the whole area became  a White Winter Wonderland!

Street Photography: Rome


Seminar done, it’s time to go sightseeing!

A very chestnut-ty atmosphere

Jack and the Headless Gang

Happy Hour!

Pilgrim tourists in Piazza Navona

Smile!  You’re on camera!

Night out

A wedding car and the Godfather’s proxy (?)

A Photoshoot in Piazza Santa Maria di Trastevere


Doorways are also charming places to catch up with friends

Say Cheese!

Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

Happy hour(2)

Oh.oh…getting inside churches in Rome requires you to dress decently, otherwise, you will be obliged to wear these funny wraps!


Out of service

Street Photography: Brussels

After that fun-filled photo exploration of the Mannekin Pis, I went scouting for some street photography in Brussels.  My passion is still photographing people.  I love to capture their gestures, thoughts and emotions.  Sometimes I had to wait, with my finger already on the shutter, waiting for that decisive moment to come.  But sometimes I don’t always get the best shot because other people would be on the way, blocking my view.

I have been reading a lot of tips on Street Photography and the experts’ advice –  if you want a sensible eye to camera contact –  is to ask permission from the person you wish to photograph.  But it is always a difficult challenge, besides,  my adrenalin level pumps up just taking shots at random.

But going back to the experts’ advice, I wanted to challenge myself, doing  one bit of ‘asking-permission’ at a time, until I get used to it.

Today, I am proud to say that I made two hits!

Here they are:

Yes, she all too willingly posed for me –  so cute!

Nice to get these city workers pose for my camera!  It’s not that hard after all!

And the rest were all shot at random!   It takes a lot of courage but I am getting there!

Enjoy the rest of my stolen shots!


A waiter on smoke break

Never have I seen a floating man as popular as this than in Brussels!  Coins are dropping on his begging hat non-stop!

They tend to dress liberal and colourful in Brussels.  Here is a sample..

Free taste test and a pose!

“Mr….can you spare me some bread, please…”

“Hey birdie…are you lost?”

Breaking News!   Ernest Hemingway found sitting in a Brussels’ square!

Godiva chocolaterie’s publicity trick is to get their staff do the work at full view of passers-by.

Taking a souvenir shot inside the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert.

The Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, built in 1847, is the first truly monumental shopping mall in Begium.

Hey… we got nice shots!

It’s still winter in Brussels…

These two girls and a bird are watching the world go round…

– o – o – o – o –

Question:  How does one pose next to the statue of Charles Karel Buls and his dog?

The  statue, sitting in the fountain and reading one of the books he has written,  is in Agora Square.  It is a  memorial to him who was mayor of Brussels from 1881 to 1899.   He was responsible for the preservation and restoration of the many heritage buildings particularly the Grand Place which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

A child’s pose

A smiling mom’s pose

A serious tourist’s pose

A moustache-mate pose

And a “how-I-adore-him!” pose

Street Photography: Aix en Provence

We were in Aix en Provence for two days last month, not as willing tourists but a forced one.

Why? The van broke down again! I know this is getting  ridiculous and a tiring storyline but we simply couldn’t help it.  We were driving the 12-hour journey to Paris from the south of France when, in our first stopover for a quick coffee at the autoroute, we noticed, to our dismay, black oil splattered copiously at the back of the van. We immediately went searching for a garage and when we saw Renault garage, we thought we could get it fixed the same day but the irony of it was, they didn’t have the spare part and had to source it from somewhere!  Imagine! A huge multi-storey establishment with a “supposedly” adequately packed depot of spare parts caught out of stock!  Grrrr…

Whether we liked it or not, we had to stay the night, and the painful part is, it was not only for ONE  night –  but for TWO !

So, since we were there already, we tried to make the most out of our stay and for me,  I took to scouting for Street Photography scenes.


Aix is famous for its thousand fountains.  This 17th century Fontaine des Quatre Dauphins is the very first Baroque-style fountain that is not built against a wall but in the middle of a square.

The  most impressive fountain  is “La Rotonde” situated at the entrance of the City.  Constructed in 1860, it is adorned by  three statues representing Justice, Agriculture and Fine Arts.  These three symbolize  the  main activities of the city.

“Why the French are leaving France”…. written on the front page of Le Figaro Magazine.  It must be the recession.

Morning delivery

La Fontaine d’Albertas built in 1912 by the students of the School of Arts and Crafts of Aix

It was the day when the Gay Marriage bill was passed into law by the French Parliament so a celebration was held infront of the Hotel de Ville where the invitees took turns expressing their joy on the pavement.

This little girl seems to be mesmerized by the music produced by the wooden machine operated by this man.


A serious meeting of men

 Aix’s many squares are filled with open-air cafés and restaurants, perfect to sit with friends and enjoy the French’ s most popular pastime –

The grandiose entrance to the Hotel de Ville (Town Hall)

“I carry you, you carry me”.  Such is the unspoken deal of these two brothers who were taking turns carrying each other.

Aix is a university town,  a melting pot for international students.  The mix of people of all ages makes it a vibrant place to live, work and study.

It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the south of France

He is bored, she is busy…

Enjoying an after work  glass of rosé

“How do we pose?”

A bar scene at Le Vieux Tonneau (The Old Barrel in the center of Aix

Street Photography: Trieste

I used to label my people images – “People-Watching” – but ever since I started getting hooked reading all about Street Photography, I thought these very same images of people I shoot in  public places would qualify as Street Photography. Not that any street or road has to be the setting. They could be inside a shopping mall or a restaurant, in the park or in the square: the main intention here is to catch that moment when you could write a story on the captions.  Since my niche is travel, I am making my own version of Street Photography where I could show  the social habits of the people living, working or simply visiting a city.

I shall start with the Italian town of  Trieste where we spent four days  early this month ( April).  Our van broke down for the Nth time and we had no choice but to stay a long weekend  waiting for that spare part to arrive!

Here is my take of Street Photography in Trieste:

A woman waiting for her turn at the  high-tech ticket machines of Trieste Train Station.

A local man reading the newspaper in one of the main squares ofthe city, here overlooking the hills and the Adriatic sea.

It was a Friday afternoon and these friends look picture perfect here infront of the Teatro Verdi, the Opera House named after the Italian composer, Giuseppe Verdi.

A tourist taking a photo of the most important square of  Trieste – the Piazza Unita’ d’ Italia. Noticeable is the style of the architecture that is very Hapsburg or of the Austrian Empire.  Trieste was under the rule of Austria for more than 500 years (1382 – 1918)

I was at the bus station waiting for the bus when this TV crew (I think  for some news report) suddenly appeared choosing people at random to interview!


A film shoot was going on just off the Grand Canal and everytime the camera stopped rolling, the actors donned their thick clothing.  It was freezing cold that morning!


Trieste is a university town hence at the strike of 5pm , bars and clubs start getting alive!

This bambina (little girl) is getting up close and personal with Boop..

A favorite pastime of Italians is the Passeggiata or the Afternoon Walk.  Men, women, families, singles, couples, friends – go walking on a leisurely pace along the main streets of the city (viale XX settembre – Via Torri – up to the main Piazza Unita d’Italia) wearing their best clothes,  best bags and best look.

Students or the ‘below 35 age group’ having a fun evening at one of the bars in Piazza Verdi.

Waiting for the bus on a damp and freezing day



Lovers occupy themselves while waiting for the green light

Stopping for a hot chocolate on a cold day

If you have a fashion model looking-like girlfriend,
photographing her is such a joy!

The elderly locals catching up on each other’s news at the Piazza Unita d’Italia