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Cafe Zsivágó, Budapest

It’s our last day in Budapest and I wanted to show H one more iconic building before we leave, i.e.,  the Franz Liszt Academy of Music not far from Andrassy Avenue.  But somehow, we took a longer route, got lost and found ourselves walking along Paulay Ede utca.

I could now see the green narrow park ahead beckoning us to the direction of the Academy but H had a different idea.

He got curious as we passed by this coffee shop that bears the same name, or title for that matter, as Boris Paternak’s epic novel, Doctor Zhivago.


We peered through the window, the interior exuded a Stately home ambience, with old stylish  furniture, fabric wallpapers, framed pictures and antique decorations.  We were hooked instantly and so we went in.

Upon entering the room, my mind was swirled with excitement. It’s like stepping into a little piece of rustic Russia where every piece of furniture,  china and hangings on the wall came from the Tsar’s personal collection, a Russian museum and an Orthodox church.  The waiter handed us the menu in a fabric-bound book that looks like a hundred year old.   An inexplicable euphoria swept over me!  I just love everything about this place!

Fancy seeing religious images adorning  a coffee shop, and next to them, the toilet sign looking so nice to read that you would think it is an artwork.

Time stands still on this place.  The crochet table covers have the grandmotherly touch, the Persian carpets on the wall and the fabric wallpaper is like a cinema setting of a Russian movie..


Unmatching antique sofas and furniture,  coffee served in resplendent bone china, and add to that,  Mozart’s music playing in the background.

This  is just pure bliss!  I could sit here all day!


p.s.  We managed to go to the Liszt Academy but before leaving the café, we made a promise to return, perhaps take some friends with us, as we noticed that it is a favorite meeting place for couples who prefer a romantic setting, as well as among group of friends who wanted to meet up in a secluded place overflowing with old world charm without hurting their wallet.


Cafe Zsivágó
Paulay Ede utca 55, Budapest
2 cups of café americana and a slice of delicious carrot cake
stayed 2 hours listening to classical music playing in the background
Spend: 7euros