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The monumental Louvois fountain

The other day, I was walking along rue Richelieu still in search of red nosed sculptures when I suddenly stumbled upon a massive fountain with female statues around it – the total look of which resembles that of a Wallace fountain, only it is bigger!  It actually took my breath away as the female figures are so impressive!


This magnificent fountain is set in a small, unknown square – Square Louvois, named after the Marquis of Louvois, a great War minister during the reign of Louis XIV.


The square was created in 1830 on the site of the Theatre National de la rue de la Loi and the fountain, a masterpiece of Louis Visconti, was constructed in 1844.


The four female figures, sculpted by Jean-Baptiste-Jules Klagmann, represent the four major rivers of France – the Seine, the Garonne, the Loire and the Saöne.  This one is the Statue of the Garonne


Statue of the Loire

Statue of the Saone


Statue of the Seine

At the base of the fountain are four tritons each mounted on a dolphin.