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Domaine de Chamarande

About three weeks ago, we were supposed to do our Sunday hike at Domaine de Chamarande  but it was continuously pouring thin horizontal rain  so we ended up ambling through the interiors of this glorious 17th century castle where a Contemporary Art Exhibition was ongoing.  This, we did not expect as we only planned to explore the immense 99-hectare park but we did not complain as it was actually a blessing in disguise and we adored it!  Imagine meandering about the ground floor of this exquisite building, just one of those moments when I could cry and shout to High Heavens “how lucky I am to be walking on the same ground as the Nobility of the 17th/18th century to whom this castle was built for!”

Anyway,  we promised ourselves to go back,  on a better weather, to explore the park, the gardens, the outbuildings which I have read so much about, and of course, to take good photos of the castle itself!


 The glorious Royal Gate, entrance to the park and the chateau grounds.

An inner Royal Gate, direct entrance to the Chateau

The garden of Domaine de Chamarande is listed as one of the Remarkable Gardens of France

The Domaine is now the property of the Essone Department (91) and the buildings next to the chateau
houses the Essonne archives which includes records dating all the way back to the 12th century.

Aside from the art exhibition which is regularly held inside the Chateau ,
the grounds have also become a showcase of works of modern day artists.
This truck is one of those works, although I initially thought it to belong to
one of the park’s gardeners who was just out for lunch.


This is the Glaciere built in 1740.  It was used to store ice or snow collected in the winter,
to make as ice cream,  frozen desserts or to cool drinks in the summer.
This is one of the best preserved Glaciere in Ile-de-France.