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Paris, we’re home!

When our plane touched down at CDG airport this morning, I could hear myself echoing Macaulay Culkin’s famous one word, “Yes!”.  What a great relief to be back in Europe again, particularly Paris!  

After one month of living in Dubai’s concrete landscape, H and I instantly felt revitalized, invigorated, as soon as the greenery and woodland wend through the window of the train that was taking us home.  This is what we have been missing: nature, and tons and tons of it!  Living in Dubai had been a fascinating experience but our body craved for all those pleasant walks that took us to awesome terrains,  to the riverside, to the verdant meadows abound with flowers, strange plants, creatures great and small (insects, llamas, cattles, horses), the rolled bales of wheat in the fields and practically everything green and natural that my ever-hungry photographic eye spies!  

We also  miss the arts, European culture and the fashionable Parisians!  Thank God we live in Paris!

To resume my European photoblog (as I’m sure you are now pretty overwhelmed with my thousand and one Dubai photos hehehe) here are some images taken at CDG airport:


“Welcome to France”..this is one of the many welcoming banners that greet arriving passengers to Paris. This is the Pont Alexandre III bridge, the most ornate and flamboyant bridge in Paris, and I must say, it actually looks nicer in pink! 


The arrival-departure board.  Whoever designed it is very innovative!  Not only that its form is architecturally pleasant, it’s also user-friendly, at least for the near-sighted..


I love this mural! Very Parisian indeed, except that they are found in all the airport’s public restrooms!