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Al mercato…(To the market)

Siracusa market

This is the beauty of living in the center of activity. You step out of the door and there is the market, the sea, the historic old town, the tourists and the locals doing their daily fare…

This is only the first of a series of albums I will be sharing with you, to show how it is to live in this beautiful, colourful and vibrant city.

It has everything I need, and prefer, in life!

The happiness of the people around me – despite their own problems about their country, their economy, their government – is so infectious!

And I don’t need to dig deep into my pocket to sustain a good quality of life.

I have travelled to so many places but Italy is always calling me to go back.

And what could be a better place than Syracuse in Sicily …

Aubergine for grilling. Slice them thin, dab with olive oil/garlic/thyme/salt/pepper mixture
and grill them on a grilling pan – voila! delish!

That’s it, boy! Nice pose for Facebook!

Posing together

The perfect combination to an ambrosiac meal…

Baby artichokes at 1euro a kilo. They are very small, and I’ve never seen this kind in France nor the UK.
And the bigger variety would cost a lot in France, anyway..

Boxes full of fragole (strawberries). It’s the season of strawberries in Sicily
and they are currently celebrating the Festa della Fragolla (Strawberry Festival)

 Life is not complete without cheese and wine. Table wine produced in Sicily. This is all we need…..

The local knife/scissor sharpener.
Look at how he managed to incorporate his machinery into his scooter.
“How old is your scooter?” I asked in Italian.
“Trent’anni!’, he beamed…. (thirty years)
“And how much for sharpening a knife?”
“Un euro cinquanta”…(1.50 euros)
“hmmm… molto economico!”…(very cheap!)

The famous Sicilian desert – Cannoli!

And the vendor, noticing my continuous photographing of his cannoli, handed me one – free!
I must say, it is “Ambrosia!”
The cheesy cream is so delicious, and the crackling pastry is what makes it so exciting to eat!

The Countdown – 40 more hours to go

… and I’m going to miss the market of Ventimiglia, Italy. Living near the border of France and Italy, Ventimiglia is the nearest market to home.

Poinsettias of different varieties dominate the flower section

Old signora has to block the view just when I was trying to photograph this Christmassy window display



Parmigiano (parmesan) – perfect for any pasta dish!

I always choose the piccante (spicy) when buying dried sausages

You are spoiled for choice with the wide selection of fresh Vegetables and fruits – but my favorite are those from Sicily


A trip to the market

Been so busy-busy looking for a flat while yo-yo’ing backwards and forwards between Leicester and Paris, in fact, it is still continuing as I’m due to disappear again in a week’s time to play tourist guide (for the Nth time) to my sister and her family on their two-week British tour of England, Scotland and Wales.  Northern Ireland was supposed to be part of the itinerary but I just couldn’t squeeze it any longer for tightness of time.

So, I have a lot of catching up to do, loads of photos due for posting and I just need your patience to keep visiting this site for more weird and exciting entries.

Now, for my comeback post, here are some pics of my trip to the market yesterday.  It’s the season of soft fruits and England, being the paradise of all those berries, cherries, apples and everything soft, is the place for feasting without making a dent into your pockets!

Enjoy eating….


Yeah, ,it’s only in England that I can feast on cherries for peanuts!

David Beckham posing for my camera.


This 700-year old market in Leicester is the largest outdoor covered market in Europe!

Palm fronds too early..

 My first day home, I had to take a trip to another country – Italy – to do my food shopping.  It’s not that my travelling feet is itching again, there’s no other way.  The closest market and supermarket is Ventimiglia, on the coast, and being Friday, it’s perfect because the open-air market is on!  Many French who live just past the border make a regular excursion to this market town to buy their food and wine which are far, far cheaper than home.  And it’s fun, too.  The Italians know how to enjoy themselves.  They sing while they talk and their hands dance while they…  talk!


Flowers, flowers I see everywhere… everyday!  That’s the magic of Springtime!

The round rosy-type in bunches on the left are what they call Ranunculus and those on the right are…you guessed them right!  They’re tulips, of course!


Eight days to Palm Sunday, palm fronds are already up for sale. I suppose religious Italians have a tradition of keeping these woven palm leaves at home, ideally, one week before getting them blessed by the church.


And they are selling like hotcakes, indeed!