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This is London

Had an errand to do in London before leaving England the following day so I took the opportunity in heading straight to the city for some photo practice!

They call this the ‘Gherkin’, the British slang for a small cucumber.

London Bridge (left) has not fallen down yet…thank heavens!

London is one of the few cities where I just love people-watching,
and if you do it from the top of a red double-decker bus, so much the better!

The Shard – the 2nd tallest building in Europe at 310m

London in Snow




Not much customers for this outdoor café  beneath the viaduct in Vauxhall

Despite icy pavements, jogging must go on for these health buffs at Albert Embankment

One’s favorite pastime now is building snowmen such as this one I found under a tree in Pimlico Gardens

Lovers in St George’s Square, Pimlico District

A worker clearing up snow along Jubilee Gardens

A postcard beauty of St George’s Square with the St Saviour’s church in the background

 The now white garden park of St Thomas Hospital is a great place for reflection and making phone calls…

A lovely people scene at the Riverside Walk along  Jubilee gardens

The statue becoming like the color of a snowman  at Pimlico Gardens

The pruned rose garden of St George’s Square buried in snow

The  icy pavements along St George’s Drive  

A tree heavy with ice is just as great as a tree heavy with fruits.


Tale of two white cities


Snowfall, snowfall….entire Ile-de-France is covered with thick snow this Sunday morning

Even the rairoads are inches deep in snow.  The curvy trail on the right is that of our suitcases on wheels. 

What normally is a two-hour Eurostar train trip from Paris to London took five hours.  We kept stopping on the way due to bad weather, which gave me a chance to photograph anything that gets my sight!



Thank goodness we’ve arrived!  Hailed a taxi to save us from towing our bags through snow again.  Even if London taxis have now been modernised, they still kept those precious leg and luggage spaces!


London at night

and still London in snow at night