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Fashion watch in Regent Street, London

A trendy fashion statement in this day and age
is the in-ear headphone

For a cold and rainy Britain,
the hood has become an indispensable part of one’s clothing
unfortunately, they are banned in some pubs and restaurants
for security reasons.

The Alfred Hitchcock style

Even cars have become fashionable, too,
at the same time, earning cash for the owner
such as this advertisement for a waxing house

  When you are confronted with a large selection of colours,
it becomes very difficult to make a quick decision

The good thing about wearing a uniform is that,
you are spared choosing the right clothes each time

London is a highly cosmopolitan city,
each one bringing his own sense of dressing into the capital
and in the process, a fusion with a Londonian touch evolves

My first brush with a London movie premiere

Time: 5:30pm
Place: Leicester Square

I was meeting H tonight as we were supposed to watch the movie, “Les Miserables” when I noticed a big crowd infront of Vue theater and a number of security people in reflector jackets. Half an hour later, H arrived almost the same time as the Australian actress, Rose Byrne, the lead star of the movie being premiered, “I Give It a Year”.  Luckily we were on a very good spot where we could see almost everything that is going on.

These photos will show what goes on before and during a movie premier..

Waiting for the stars

Last minute preparations: rolling the plastic

and sweeping the dust

securing the lines

and the star finally arrived

autograph, please…

Later on, we decided not to watch the movie as 16 sterling pounds per person is just too much! We will just see it in Paris where it is much cheaper!