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European Family Holiday, Day 22 – Taking the plunge in the grand Gellert


No visit to Budapest is complete without dipping into one of their thermal spring baths. This is our favorite – the pool of the very glamorous Gellert Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in Europe renowned for its Art Nouveau architecture.

As the city sits on a network of almost 125 bubbling thermal springs, the Romans worked on channelling these waters into their military baths, bathing for them is not only for cleansing but a form of social and recreational activity.. Then the Turks who occupied the city from the 16th – 17th century developed the Hammam baths as part of their body cleansing ritual before praying.




European Family Holiday, Day 22 – Budapest, Hungary


At the courtyard of our apartment-hotel for two nights


Without dilly-dally, we headed straight to the most beautiful building of Budapest, the Parliament Building.


Guards marching in sync infront of the Parliament


Visit to a Jews Memorial, sculpture of shoes entitled, “Shoes in the Danube”


Time to hit the Basilica of St Stephen



Ending this wonderful day by  listening to a delightful piano concert at my favorite Zsivago Café


Soothing music it made Alma fall asleep

Budapest: To Ecseri Flea Market


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So the idea of going to Ecseri market is to check on second hand treasures and vintage objects that could make our Zala house metamorphose into the Café Zsivago effect.   But we made the daft mistake of travelling by taxi, the exorbitant fare of 9,000 forints (30euros)  would have bought us  a dozen  crochet table covers!  H was not happy shelling out so much money just to get to a flea market.   We see buses to and  from the city load and unload passengers infront of the market.  Oh well.


We went exploring the one square kilometer ground (figure according to the taxi driver)  but alas,  only few stalls were open, probably because it is  a slow Tuesday and it’s past lunchtime where everyone seems to be sleepy like this shopowner.

Now, we ‘ve been talking about hanging a nice chandelier in our high-ceilinged sitting room.  Excuse me, mister…

The doll that could take one back to her childhood


My jaw dropped open upon seeing this painting!  I’ve never seen similar images displayed anywhere I’ve been in Europe, but this is Budapest and it’s probably okay.


They could be growling by the entrance to our house, why not?


These grandmothers’ sewing machine bases could be transformed into console tables.  Love them!

Ecseri Market (Ecseri Bolhapiac)
Nagyk?rösi út 156
1194 Budapest
Openinghours: weekdays: 08:00-16:00, Saturday: 08:00-15:00, Sunday: 08:00-13:00

Breakfast at Zsivago’s


Our meticulously presented breakfast


“We’ve been here before and we love the ambience so much that’s why we’re back,” I told the waiter as he was serving our breakfast in dainty plates and cups. He smiled and that started our conversation about life in Budapest, his attachment to his work and the interior decoration of the Café that attracted us in the first place. “I did the decoration myself,” he exclaimed.
We just adore everything about Café Zsivago, its soft interiors, the great-grandmotherly crocheted table covers…
“You can find them at the flea market in Ecseri. That’s where most of the furnishings you see here come from. Enjoy your breakfast while it’s warm.”
I see images of Omar Sharif and Julie Christie settling into the sofas. I’m impatient to go home. I must start this Russian oldschool style makeover quickly, right in our sitting room!

Whether this is the style in Boris Pasternak’s novel, Dr Zsivago, I like it, so I just photographed everything lest I forget.

Even the restrooms have a way of indicating if it’s for the Ladies or for the Gentlemen

An enclosed room in the corner for customers in need of privacy

I just adore those grandma style crochet table covers.  Next time I see them in flea markets, I shall grab them all!

Cafe Zsivágó
Paulay Ede utca 55, Budapest

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