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A B&B that bespeaks the legendary Austrian Hospitality

“You’re becoming a B&B geek.” my husband tells me as he drives the van out of Villa Elizabeth.

Indeed, another exceptional experience we gained staying in the guesthouse of our dreams that night.

Move over chain hotels!  Five-star or Budget,  we are definitely sticking to the more personal touch of beautiful homes, generous breakfast  and charming hosts who treat us as treasured guests rather than customers.  Even better than that, like long-lost friends, for which hotel in the world whose owner or staff would give us the French bisous (a kiss on each cheek) while saying our goodbyes?  No, this simply doesn’t happen in chain hotels but we have experienced these in some B&Bs in France and Italy but Austria beats them both as the owner, Anna Maria, went all the way as to thrust cereal bars taken out of the buffet counter, into my hands, to sustain us on our drive to our destination.  Such kindness.


Villa Elizabeth, so-named because the owner adores the Empress of Austria of same name, is an elegant house transformed into a 5-star luxury B&B  (with spa and pool) in Admont, a small town sitting at the foot of the Austrian Alps where verdant and undulating landscape make you sing Julie Andrews’ Sound of Music signature song  “The hills are alive…” through and through.

Anna Maria made us feel so special, offered us chilled local beer in our room, where chocolates are neatly spread out on all of the  beds and flowers adorn every corner.

“I’ll give you the most beautiful room in the house.” she told us as we were coming in and truly so,  we were just blown away by its size.  It’ss more than a bedroom, it’s more of a Presidential suite with an  extra room for two more people and the huge bathroom prides itself with not only a polygonal bath at the far end but also a window showing a postcard view of the town dominated by the church and the mountains in the background.

 The town of Admont as seen from the bedroom terrace


The elegant lounge which made me almost teary-eyed with joy.  I felt so privileged to be in there.  Every room of the villa is a work of art!

Still the lounge, with its palatial chandelier, and the adjoining room on the left.

 The adjoining room on the right of the lounge

The sumptuous buffet breakfast corner

Our dining table which is located in the glass conservatory that overlooks the gardens.
There are three tables here,  the longest one was occupied by four other Austrians guests who were on holiday.


We always believe that staying in small family-run guesthouses is part of the joy of travelling for we get to experience true local hospitality,  listen to some history, meet and make friends, gain valuable ideas,  the list is endless…

And Villa Elizabeth satisfies each of all these points.  We are definitely going back bringing our friends and family so they, too, can experience a memorable stay in this charming place that bespeaks the legendary Austrian hospitality.

Villa Elisabeth
Paradiesstraße 86, 8911 Admont, Austria
60 euros/night, double room

Hotel in the forest

This is  our hotel in Bázakerettye where we stayed for two days and which surpassed our expectations, except that it was quite pricey.  It is located at the edge of a large forest in the Zala hills where cyclamen blooms in the autumn.

This is the beginning of the forest which we can see right from our room window!

The window opens to a straight fall on to the ground so if we have vertigo, it won’t be fun.  Glad we don’t!

It snowed a bit the night we arrived so it was a fantastic feeling to wake up in the morning, open the windows and wow! a thin sheet of snowed landscape right before our eyes!  It would have been more awesome if the snow was thicker though..

There are wooden sculptures in the garden which was nice!

Everytime we reached the second floor (on the picture) a divine scent of jasmine greets us which instantly lifts our sense of being!


This vintage sewing machine at the landing gives the impression of old charm which, again, creates a sense of bien-être …


At the restaurant while waiting for our order, we browsed upon an improvised bookshelf where we came across this old journal with neat handwriting.  How we wished we could understand Hungarian so we could read what is written there..

For the second day running, we discovered that Hungarians love to eat meat and they cook them very well indeed!  This is pork with potato dumplings – delicious and filling!  I am temporarily ignoring my calorie counter while on this trip!

Cake with ice cream and rasperries – hmmm, I was ooh-ing and enjoying the taste of this dessert one spoonful at a time..


The Zala region is famous for its wine and we’d like to find out why –