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Oktoberfest 2007

News from Munich:

Paris banned from the Festival

For promoting a brand of wine in a can in last year’s Oktoberfest, Paris Hilton was banished from this year’s festivities. 
Accused to have betrayed the original and popular spirit of the festival, the organizers now prohibit everyone coming to do a promotion. 
The festivities, which began Saturday, will see six million liters of beer pouring in sixteen days, according to first estimates.

Some six million visitors are expected on this 174th edition of the festival where Munich counts 1.2 million inhabitants. Tens of thousands of enthusiasts, most of them in Bavarian traditional costumes, already rushed this weekend between the open park and the 14 beer tents where beer is served. Foreigners cannot always judge how much they are able to drink and it is necessary for us sometimes to send them outside to take the air, explains Marie, 36 years old, a waitress.
(Le Matin Bleu 23 September 2007)

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Oktoberfest numbers
6.9 millions liters of beer drank in 2006
878 meters of urinals
964 toilets (btw, they are spotlessly clean!)
243 tons of foodwaste
12 000 persons hired for the festival

Observation: the ‘ekkk’ part of the experience is when you get out of the park venue at around 11pm, you will see around you men collapsing on the road, lying next to their vomit… !!!