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Road Trip: Germany and Belgium


Nobody leaves Germany without trying their national street food – wurst or sausages. They come in different varieties: bratwurst, currywurst, rindswurst…



Been a rainy Sunday in Germany. “Koln” on the sign is German for Cologne.


We are now in “Bodge-ium”, the term we use for Belgium because everything seems to be a “bodge”, meaning, nothing works or something is always missing like toilets or they just don’t exist at all.

Two yrs ago, we stopped on this same autoroute stop to have our first taste of “frites” (french fries which is the national food of Belgium). Now it’s closed down, grafittied and abandoned. Motorists mistake it even as a toilet walking round & round looking for the signs ‘Men’/’Ladies’. They don’t realise that in Belgian autoroutes, toilets don’t exist except where there are restaurants.


In fairness, we love the green oasis that Belgian autoroute stops offer.


Road Trip, Germany


In Germany, not only that you are blown away by their self-cleaning toilet seat (it rotates through a cleaning mechanism), you also get the privilege, while brushing your teeth, of watching some ads thru this computer screen above the sink.


A quick stop at an autoroute stop that is so packed with vehicles of other holidaymakers that the only space we got is this one below a mask.


Second night stopover is this view of vineyards just outside Frankfurt.




They plant flowering plants (usually a rose) next to the vine like this to check for pests that might affect the grapevine. It’s the flowering plant that gets the disease first which will alert the vine owner to do the necessary prevention before it reaches the precious vine plant.

Offensheim, Germany – Part 2


Visiting the Parish church of Sankt Agidius in Offensheim


The Altar


I always look for the image of La Pieta when visiting new churches.


Relief of ‘Christ praying in Getsemani’ outside the church


Beautiful mosaic facade of a baby shop


Barges, canoes, cruise boats ply fast every few minutes on the Danube. The white dot seen just above the center of the passing boat is our parked van.


Market Square of Offensheim


Side door of the Church of Sankt Agidios


Sightseeing over, time to go back to the van via the same ferry. Again, only 3 of us & this van onboard.



Arriving at the pier, a new batch of passengers getting in.


Along the way, we stopped for some McDonald’s coffee and just then noticed an interesting shop in front of us. It’s doing good business by the number of cars parked in there.





Offensheim, Germany


Early morning walk with Charlie along the Danube. We’ve always dreamed of cycling this route one day and now we’re here..just strolling though but still a dream come true.


They call this cycling path the America route…


Crossing the Danube with this ‘every 30 minute’ ferry. Took us just 5 minutes to cross.


Vehicles and up to 80 people can be accommodated on this ferry each time, but we were only 3 people and this jeep at 7am today.


Approaching the village of Offensheim


Enjoying croissants and cappuccino at a cafe in Offensheim, Austria