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Paris Birthday Walk….in Black and White (2)

 Continued from Paris Birthday Walk (1)

They call it “the building inside-out” – George Pompidou Center in rue Beaubourg

The city of Romance enchants couples of all ages.

Rue de Montmorency, a medieval street where the oldest house in Paris stands.  Which one?  What else but the Auberge Nicolas Flamel where H and I had enjoyed a gastronomic birthday dinner.

Last minute search for souvenirs.  I prefer the Robert Doisneau photo!

The rotating laser light of the Eiffel Tower seen flashing in the evening sky of Paris.

This is the place to find inspiration.

rue St André des Arts

A tourist must-do…..

Pont de l’Archevêché

A mannekin and an old sewing machine for a restaurant facade display.
The owner must be an ex-couturier…

Fontaine Saint-Michel

It’s not really a “library” but a bookshop.  In French, a bookshop translates to “Librairie“.

Poor bicycle – converted into a rubbish bin!

Parisian café spotting

Yeah, if there are such things as ‘plane spotting’, ‘train spotting’ etc, for me, it’s Café-spotting that I love doing when in Paris.

Truly, the Café is a hub of French society.  It is where the locals meet up, drink, socialize, read a book, do their favorite activity which is “People-Watching” and more important is, to relax.

It is also a place to get a lot of inspiration from – in the decorating department!  I just love oggling at the interior displays, also at the façades.

And since I am in Paris for few days, here are some of the photos I’ve taken so far.  I shall add some more while here.



This is the café just opposite our hotel.  At 8 in the morning,  the chic-looking waitress (oh, that’s the number one quality in hiring you!) is taking the chairs one by one., ready to welcome the first customer of the day.



Customers must look cool, if not chic, in order to blend well with the Café crowd..

Seats are arranged “watching-a-movie” style.  Indeed, this is the place to watch the world go by.

If they are sitting there for their ‘people-watching’ activity, then us, the passers-by, are also doing the same!

Sitting in cafés is one of the most relaxing sightseeing activity in Paris..

If you have watched Angelina Jolie’s film, “The Tourist”, this is where she sat sipping coffee, smoking a cigarette, and burned the note on an ashtray..

Ooppsss… this is not a café but it’s possible that at daytime it could be one.

On our way home last night, I took one last shot of a neighbouring café.  Yes, they could stay till late!

Home sweet home….. in Paris

I’ve been looking forward to this since last week.  It’s H’s business trip to Paris and he asked me to come.

Since we moved to England in the beginning of June, we had been living the British way of life – unpalatable food, beer culture, now-it’s-freezing-now-it’s-burning kind of weather- but we’re getting used to it.  And now that the chance to visit Paris has come, I realize I have been missing a lot of the good things in life for the last three months.  Cheaper wine for one thing, good food for another..

This is the hotel where we will be staying for the next three nights.  It’s not far from the Place de la Republique so I will have a ball photoscouting..!

Baguette served before a meal, cold water for free, wine served in dainty glasses…




…..dining al fresco on a mild summer evening without the boisterous laughter nor the clinking of gigantic glasses of beer….aahh, that’s Paris and France for you….I think I should write a book entitled, “A tale of two countries”.  With the many observations I have noted between England and France for the last decade or so, it’s about time I put thoughts into paper!

Even an insignificant corner of the city oozes with romance when you sit next to your loved one.  This is a blurred photo but you can tell the atmosphere of the scene.

Tale of two white cities


Snowfall, snowfall….entire Ile-de-France is covered with thick snow this Sunday morning

Even the rairoads are inches deep in snow.  The curvy trail on the right is that of our suitcases on wheels. 

What normally is a two-hour Eurostar train trip from Paris to London took five hours.  We kept stopping on the way due to bad weather, which gave me a chance to photograph anything that gets my sight!



Thank goodness we’ve arrived!  Hailed a taxi to save us from towing our bags through snow again.  Even if London taxis have now been modernised, they still kept those precious leg and luggage spaces!


London at night

and still London in snow at night

Snowseeing from home

A town in Ile-de-France  (Paris suburb)

We woke up this Saturday morning to a staggering sight of winter wonderland beauty just outside our bedroom window and I couldn’t wait to get my camera and start snapping!  Indeed,  after breakfast, we covered ourselves from head to foot with everything thermal, including some slip-resistant shoes and started hitting the road.  We didn’t have to go far as our area alone – blessed with a river, lake, forest, wide fields, tree lined avenues – is that perfect spot for snowseeing.

Enjoy the photos!



Look who has come to greet us! 



That’s the frozen lake beyond those trees 

Too freezing cold to sit on that bench!

A central Paris-bound train 

White forest