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Digital Christ revealed at the Madeleine – and more Nativity scenes

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A few days ago, I finally made the trip to the Madeleine Church  to see how the digital Jesus of Gaëtan Duthu looks like and here he is – a picture of a real baby!


And since we are on the topic of Christmas Nativity –  and believe me we are not yet late in talking about it as the displays are still on exhibit for another week or so – here are my photo collection, the result of my Creche de Noel exploration around Paris churches since December:

Saint Joseph Artisan Church
(214 rue La Fayette, 10th)

The “Creche of Solidarity” in Saint Joseph Artisan Church  is surrounded by used fruit boxes.

The Kings with their gifts are represented by multi-racial statues 

Not only material gifts but also food for the hungry, as  the theme of the nativity states:

For the homeless who sleep in cardboard boxes, today, you don’t have to  be cold or hungry. Give us this day our daily bread…

Outside the Saint Joseph Artisan Church

An impressive 15 square meter Provençal village consisting of 1000 tiny figurines showing people doing their daily tasks as well as biblical episodes such as the Annunciation of the birth of Jesus,  the visitation, walking to Bethlehem and the flight into Egypt.

The birth of Jesus 

Departure from Nazareth to Bethlehem



The Anunciation – when the angel Gabriel announced to the Virgin Mary that she is going to give birth to the son of God.


Playing petanque

Working in salt mines


The flight to Egypt

Eglise François Xavier 
 (place du Président-Mithouard, 7th)

A Provençal Christmas nativity consisting of 500 figurines donated by parishioners and put into place by  Yvan Audouard (1960).

Parish of Saint Jean Baptiste de Grenelle
(14 Place Etienne Pernet, 15th)


Notre Dame Cathedral
(6 Parvis Notre-Dame – Place Jean-Paul-II)

A Sicilian-style nativity comprising 25 square meters, designed by Salvatore Milazzo, master craftsman of the city of Caltagirone, Italy and under the artistic direction of Michele Salvetteri.







….and for those of you who love collecting Christmas nativities, the shop inside Notre Dame Cathedral is a good place to get them, here is a sample: