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Spring is here!

Spring begins on 21 March 2007 at 1:07 am (French time).
It’s the spring equinox, the day where we are all equal before the sun: the length of day is equal to the length of night at all points of (the) our earth! It’s the day of equality!
It’s also Francophone day.

Letter to a friend

I am really impressed that you were able to buy a house in London!

Do you know that many British who have sold their UK homes were able to use the money to buy much much bigger properties like old chateaux in France? Property prices in the UK is scandalously high and it continues to go even higher! I bet your husband is looking at it as a form of investment, same as what everyone is doing.  They make far more money just waiting for the value of their property go up rather than earning from their 9 to 5 salaries! It’s mad!

Yes, enjoy your UK home while it continues to go double in value. then, when the time comes that you both decide to sell it and buy a house in the south of France, you will still have a lot of spare money to keep in the bank.

As to your idea of living in the south of France while your husband works in London, a lot of English people are already doing that. They are shown in BBC documentaries – these people who are called Euro-travellers!

One example: one would be living in Barcelona (Spain), another in Grasse (south of France) and both will fly to their office headquarters in London, stay there a week and then spend the rest of the month working from home. Easier nowadays to work from home because of broadband internet connection plus the low cost flights. And they are definitely more efficient because no traffic to tackle, no stress on the road.

Another example, one works in London, fly to France friday night and return to London Monday morning. His family is left in France, his children go to French schools and they get to eat all the fresh vegetables and good food and live a Frenchy way of life.

Another example: An amazing story but true. An English ironmonger  lives in the North of France, travels to and from London everyday through the Eurotunnel. When he used to live in the UK, he could barely make both ends meet due to the horrendous mortgage payments. He sold his house and bought a huge property, in cash, in the north of france. He says that his daily travel to London via the Eurotunnel is faster now  than when he used to live there because of the heavy traffic.

H (my husband) was also in the same situation. He used to work in Paris, stayed in hotels for five nights, flew to Nice Friday night, flew back to Paris Sunday night.   He was always rushing to catch flights, his luggage always stamped “last baggage”!

There was a  time I was travelling with him, due to the mad rush, that I left my suitcase in the middle of our garden! I arrived in Paris with just my handbag, I even forgot my lipstick.   The next day, I had so much fun shopping for  clothes, undies, toiletries and makeup .

He did this kind of travelling for quite some time and it started to take its toll on him, what with  waiting at airports and flight delays.  The only pleasures he derived from it was the Mediterranean air, sunny skies and the warm outdoors he experienced during weekends, that which revived him to start another week of stressful living.

There is no job to be had in the South.  That is the reason why he is always working away because the positions he can fill are available only in the UK, Belgium , Paris or in other big cities.

One can well conclude that the south of France is only a holiday place or a place for retirement or a place to buy second homes. And yes, very expensive, but still cheaper than in the UK.

True, it’s expensive in Nice, but you can still find reasonably-priced properties if you are prepared to live in the Arrière-pays (or farther from the sea) or if you are willing to do some renovation work, meaning, buying rundown houses at bargain prices!


Love messages for Valentine’s Day – French style

Feel like doing something new for Valentine’s Day? Why not produce a short video to declare your undying love to your loved one or to proclaim your love for Paris, the best production will be shown on the whole day of 14 february.

You can also send your messages of love: they will be diffused on Valentine’s Day on luminous boards of the town of Paris.

Victims of Cupid or in love with Paris: Get to your keyboards or to your cameras!

Here are some love messages shown on Paris billboards:

…Je souhaites veiller avec toi….
 I want to grow old with you..
… Ce soir de St Valentin, je t’annonce que tu vas être papa….Tonight of Valentine’s Day, I announce that you are going to be a father
..Mon pinocchio, je t’aime et pense toujours à toi...My Pinocchio, I love you and (am) thinking always of you..
..I cannot live without you, my little fleaJe ne peux vivre sans toi, ma petite puce…
…Petit loup, je t’aime… ta louve…Little wolf, I love you..your (female) wolf.
..A mon prince du desert, une pensée de ta reine......To my prince of the desert, thoughts from your queen…
..Je voudrais être une larme de tes yeux…I would like to be the tear in your eyes..
..Grâce a ton sourir, j’ai pu retrouver la mienne….Because of your smile, I could find mine.
..A la plus belle de plus belles je t’aime…To the most beautiful of all beautiful, I love you.
..Toujours vachement amoreuse de toi…Always overly/hyper/crazily in love with you
..Ma Garfield, merci pour ces six années de bonheur d’amour et de serenite. je t’aime toujours plus… ton chat Isidoro…My Garfield, thank you for these six years of joyous love and peace. I love you more always..your cat, Isidoro
..tu es mon oxygéne.. je t’aime…You are my oxygen, I love you.
..Même si je suis loin, mon coeur est près de toi..ton prince qui pense très fort à sa petite grenouille... Even if Iam far away, my heart is near you…from your prince who is thinking so much about his little frog.
..Mon ange, depuis que je croisé ta route, tu me donnes des ailles!! Je t’faime fort.. ta fée...My angel, since I crossed your way, you gave me wings!!! I love you very much…your fairy..
..J’ai envie de te couvrir de bisous à chaque fois que ma tête repose sur toi!…I feel like covering you with kisses each time my head lays on you.


2014 Valentine’s Day Messages – French Style

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish you a Happy New Year! Let’s hope that 2007 will bring us good health and happiness!

here’s some news for the beginning of the year…

The French once again have beaten the record on the (most) number of text messages sent at the turn of the new year. More than 35 million SMS were sent, between midnight and 1am.

Winter sale starts in most departments (French regions) from 8am of 10 January until 17 February inclusive.

Foreign clients, mostly Asians, are now rushing to Paris to scour the sales on luxury products, some profiting from packaged tours offering “cheaper hotels, visit to monuments and shopping”.

The (strong) interest is such that French law has banned the sale of more than ten similar articles to the same foreign customer. The fine leather goods dealer Vuitton opted not to participate in the Sale. Hermes, which has, for several years, been organising a week of sales in rented spaces for the event, is not selling bags anymore.