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Modern Art at Cité International of Lyon

They are called “Les Habitants” (the inhabitants).  There are six of them: a bear, 3 penguins, man on the phone, pizza deliverer, girl on the skates..all made of painted polyester resin by Xavier Veilhan.  I don’t have the photos of the last two but will post them here as soon as I can.

The giant bear, waving to visitors infront of the Cité.

Two penguins……Side view

The two penguins, Front view

The large penguin

Man on the phone

The following are work by other artists:

A giant origami in metallic fuschia, by Georges et Julien

“World markets”
A crumbled page of the Financial Times, in steel, by Wang Du

Lyon here we come!


The chimneys of Lyon as viewed from the Croix-Rousse hill

 H and I are in Lyon right now, our new home for the coming years in view of his new job.  We are both excited, this is an entirely different area of France, very close to Geneva and the High Alps, many places yet again to explore!  I’ve been exploring the old town and have accumulated  staggering images which I can’t wait to share with you.  I’m in the middle of looking for accommodation just outside the town, some place green and away from the traffic.  Wish me good luck!