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The Tourists … in Paris.

I had three hours to spare when I went to Paris last week for an appointment, hence I took the opportunity to go to the famous spots to do some tourist photography. Summer being the peak of the tourist season is the best time to photoscout them as they add more interest to the sites themselves.
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Policewoman: Monsieur, it’s prohibited to play your instrument in public without permit.


Do you have permit to operate this tuktuk, monsieur?







Paris at dusk

I was in Paris last week for one night and one day for an errand.

Gosh how I miss this beautiful city! You don’t need to go inside a museum because just walking on the streets allows you to see old architecture, monuments, art, fashion, gastronomy, creativity all in the open.

Let me take you to a virtual sightseeing of Paris hoping that you could get some inspiration from any of the photos.




What I love about Paris is that, it gives me so much inspiration in making my own greeting cards to send to friends..





Truly a romantic city


. . .  that kindles the amorous feelings of everyone.




These steps infront of the Basilique de Sacre Coeur are always filled with tourists enjoying the view of Paris before them


This is the view, zoomed in.

These zinc rooftops of the city may soon be granted Unesco World Heritage status.


Little sculpture on the railings


At Place du Tertre, the artists are packing up and les garçons (the waiters) are waiting for customers.


Place du Tertre.  You can have your caricature or portrait drawn in minutes.


It still gets cold in the evenings (still Winter) so fleece blankets are provided  for your comfort.


The paved streets of Montmartre


Eglise St Jean de Montmartre and a Wallace fountain in the foreground.20160303_191256b

The Basilique de Sacre Coeur is perched up a hill so you can get down through these steps, or take the funicular, or just amble down…


The Art Nouveau entrance of Metro Abbesses where my hotel is just few steps away.


This cafe bakery earned the title “Best Baguette in Paris” in 2012 for baking the best French bread in the capital.


Happy Hour



Late Autumn scenes…. in Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg
…or the Luxembourg Gardens, is the second largest public park in Paris (22.5 hectares).
The park is the garden of the French Senate, which is itself housed in the Luxembourg Palace.

l’Acteur Grec (The Greek Actor)
The statue is shown rehearsing his lines from a parchment. A mask drawn over his head signifies that he is an actor.
Sculptor: Charles-Arthur Bourgeois, 1868

The domed building at the back is the Pantheon, the burial site of Victor Hugo, Pierre and Marie Curie, among others…

Guarding the flowers.. errr.. the French Senate building


This is the 17th century Luxembourg Palace which houses the French Senate.
The statue of Diana, the hunter, stands on the foreground.
Diana (also named Artemis) is the goddess of hunt and also the twin sister of Apollo, the god of healing, music, light, truth and prophecy.

The building behind is Tour Montparnasse (Montparnasse Tower),
once the tallest building in Paris until 2011 when it was overtaken by another building.

The Medici vases that change flower displays according to the season.
Seen here are gold and yellow coloured chrysanthenums. In the summer, they are replaced by geraniums.


Did you know that in Europe, this flower symbolizes death?  That is why around All Saints Day,  you see them sold in all flower shops.  Hence, don’t even attempt to give it to your mother-in-law as a peace offering!

The Medici Fountain (1630)

The Eiffel Tower peeking from behind

The Eiffel Tower in bloom

I recently received a message from one of my readers who wish to apply for a Schengen Visa and he was asking me if he stands a chance given the personal background he has provided.

I asked him the question which an interviewing Consular staff would ask: “Why do you want to visit that (Schengen country)?

And his answer: “To take a photo of me and the Eiffel Tower!”

Funny but if you analyze it, everyone would have the same dream! The Eiffel Tower is probably the most famous structure in the world and the most visited, the most photographed! And since I was at the tower’s vicinity yesterday, I thought about my friend and decided to take some photos just so he can see it here on my blog.

What makes the scene particularly awesome is the abundance of flowers in bloom!

Enjoy the Eiffel tower in bloom!



The Eiffel in skirt!

And from the Trocadero viewpoint, these tourists are in awe!