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TGIF Apperitivi


The beauty of TGIFs is that you have a valid reason to splurge on appertivi and that’s exactly what we did tonight, at the local bar which we already earmarked earlier as the place-to-try because their alfresco dining area is always full. Might the food be extraordinary, we wondered, and indeed it is! So this is another bar-restaurant in Noto that won our hearts!

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The Carnival chiacchiere


Last Sunday, we attended a get together lunch with old and new friends at the meeting hall of Chiesa di Santa Maria di Portosalvo in the beautiful resort town of Pozzallo. There was a long array of delicious potluck food and dessert but my attention was drawn to this crusty chiacchiere, It is normally prepared in strips so this rosette shape is really special.
Days prior, I’ve always heard and read about this speciality as a very popular ltalian pastry traditionally served during the Carnival season. I finally got to taste it here and love it! Wonder if they’re still selling it at our local pasticceria now that the Carnival is over….

Happy National Coffee Day

My take.


Something we always do when in the UK is having coffee at tradfitional English tearooms. It’s not only the very English atmosphere inside but the feeling of royalty while enjoying their crumpets, scones or cakes along with our coffee.


In France, it’s normal to order coffee at a café and have it with bread or patisserie you bought from a boulangerie (bakery) or patisserie shop. I bought this “special” bread from a gay boulangerie in the Marais in Paris for the sake of trying it with my coffee. It tastes fine, the only problem was, I was too meek to be seen eating it (I was on a table outside!) so I spent the whole time covering it with a napkin everytime someone walks past.


My first taste of espresso was in Italy 16 years ago. Yes, what you see is what you get. Ten ml of coffee so strong that you might find your heart palpitating seconds after drinking it.


In Europe, it’s normal to be served a bit of chocolate with your coffee as it actually makes the coffee tastes better when taken with something sweet.


In Siquijor, Philippines, everytime we ordered coffee, we were given sachets of Nescafe accompanied by a pair of scissors. I asked the waitress what the cutter is for and she said it’s for snipping the sachets as it is usually hard to rip them with the teeth.