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Of studs and spikes



Everyone seems to be wearing studs and spikes these days and there’s no stopping it!  It’s now a fashion statement that is fast expanding its reach – from leathergoods to clothing  not only among fashionistas and haute couture houses but even extending to pets and household accessories!



I first noticed this fashion years ago, popularly worn by motorcycle riders who want to look cool in their stud-ridden black leather costumes and bags and I thought then that they belong to a breed that is best left alone as I somehow associate “studs and spikes” with something of a wild nature….

But big names of the fashion world have started incorporating studs into their products like these shoes of Christian Louboutin although personally, the  “wild” feel still exists…..


 So from one fashion designer to the other, the trend quickly exploded, such as these stilettos by Kurt Geiger.

Another pair from Kurt Geiger on display in his Covent Garden (London) boutique.

From window displays off to the streets, I now see them worn by practically every fashionista….

And they have invaded even the popular sneakers…

… and bags, too, are coming out in studs and spikes

… that even the high streets of Monte-Carlo have joined in the studded fun

Of course, like any other fashion, variation is a natural improvement of old things.  Now the wild feel is more subdued…

And they start getting colourful..

…..and finely chic….

Such demand for everything studded has grown to an all time high that you can even find them selling in souvenir shops!

But for those who are not into studding, there is also a wide choice of similar stuff, like this pearly heeled shoes…

But I suppose studs will always be more popular…

And rhinestones, too, for the more chic stud follower –   such as this skull phone aptly called the “head of death”

This vintage lipstick is a perfect addition to one’s stud collection


And to complete the fashion statement, you can stud-dress your pet dog, too!

The Fascinating World of London’s Men in Suits

I have this deep fascination of the business suit, not the clothes per se, but the wearer within, and when they come in droves, in an almost stampeding fashion – particularly in London’s financial district – then my crazed shutter finger is at its all time high!

The City’s rush hour scenario – the hasty flow of humanity going to their workplace in the morning, the frenzied speed to get out of their building at lunchtime, and the hurried marching toward the tube station, or to the pub, in the afternoon are what makes a great subject for people-watching and rush-hour photography (if there is already a term for that!)

Enough said, here are my takes on London’s men in suits.  Enjoy the pictures!


8am, Devonshire row, day 1


8 am, Devonshire row, day 2


12:30pm, Borough market


12:17pm, Fishmonger’s Hall Wharf (below London Bridge)


12:15pm, Leadenhall market


12:18pm, Leadenhall market


12:20pm, Leadenhall market


12:20pm, Leadenhall market


12:21pm, Leadenhall market


12:22pm, Leadenhall market


12:57pm, Fenchurch avenue


12:58pm, Lloyds of London, Fenchurch Avenue


5:43pm, Devonshire row, Friday afternoon

“Thank God it’s Friday”…..these urban professionals seem to be singing, and come rain or shine, they have to close off the long work week with a soak  in the pub!


6:16pm, Friday, Hay’s Galleria

It was a rainy late afternoon and these yuppies decided to play boule in the covered court instead of braving the rain to home.

Paris Fashion Week – on the street

If you are a fashion-freak and your ultimate dream is to attend a show at the Paris Fashion Week which is ongoing right now but simply can’t because you are not a famous person nor a high profile fashion journalist but even if you are a multi-millionaire, your money cannot buy you a ticket to the PFW as it is per invitation only, but don’t fret as it is still possible to brush elbows with the fashion guri (if this is the plural for “guru”), if not, join the multi-cultural photographers chasing models on the streets of Paris.  How?

If you are raring to do it now, then you still have a chance and you have to hurry, for the Fashion Week ends on 7th March.  Other ways of scouting models is to watch them march into the fashion venue, one by one, or hang around the most famous fashion street –  Avenue Montaigne – where glamourous ladies trudge along with their giant-sized Prada or Chanel shopping bags, or better yet, sit in cafés frequented by fashionistas such as those in the Marais – one of them being La Perle in rue Vielle du Temple which was made even more famous last year by John Galliano!

Excuse me?  You cannot come to Paris this instant?  Well, it’s not the end of the world. That’s why I’m here.  Yours truly is here to share with you what she had been seeing – and snapping – these last few days IN THE STREETS OF PARIS!

I just love taking shots of chic women.  I am bowled over whenever I see one in fashionable boots, the way her scarf is wrapped around her neck, the way she carries her extra large handbag… and the shoes!  I also have my eyes on men in casual chic, in business attire or wearing something out of the ordinary!

Enjoy my photos of the Fashion Week, seen on the streets of Paris!


I was walking along the quayside of the Hotel de Ville when I saw this stunningly-dressed lady walking towards my direction. As soon as she got past me, a crowd of Asian photographers suddenly burst running, chasing the same lady that just walked past me!  And as she boarded her waiting car, the photographers were clicking their cameras on her, as if she was a celebrity!  It just occured to me that she might be a fashion model.  With the snappers gone, I noticed that the car is not yet moving.  It’s stuck on red light.  So taking my chance, I sat on the concrete garden box of the Hotel de Ville and started feasting my thumb on the shutter..voila! This is her!


The cafés at the rue des Archives are also the best spots to scout for fashionistas.


This corner cafe at the Ile dela Cité is a cool place to get your roving eyes working.


There are a hundred and one ways to put on a scarf ..


and wearing the right gloves creates a sense of elegance


The trend these days also delves on pastels.


This shop of The Divine Factory in rue d’Amsterdam is a good place to start your colour dress up!


Even the seniors have a preference for colours. It’s vibrant, isn’t it?


Men’s briefcases with shoulder straps worn across their shoulders are not only easier to tote around, they have also become a fashion statement

Shoulder bags are also becoming unisex


Moreso with handbags…kind of gender-blind handbags


And men in hats are back


Wait, I think he is Guillaume Canet, the actor-director boyfriend of Marion Cotillard, of La Môme fame!


Leg warmers can be chic, too


Fashion is also a form of expression


..and independence

What winter caps to wear…when in Paris

Winter in Paris is not complete without the caps!  It’s like cruising in the cold without the coat.  Not only that, it’s a “must-have” winter fashion accessory, too! 

Yesterday, I went searching for that ideal Parisian cap but couldn’t make my mind up which style to choose so I went observing what everyone was wearing.

After a day of rigorous headwear analysis, my choice was reduced to knitted woolen caps.





Before I even left that morning, I also dug into my photoarchives:



It’s not a woolen cap but classic





what about fur caps, I asked myself.  Hmmm… too much of an attention-getter


And the winner is:

How about you?  Which of the above would you choose?