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England Day 8 –

It’s our last day in England. The much-awaited seatbelt technician is finally here and I could hear the grinding and hammering of metal inside the campervan while I’m typing this. (I just hope Campino (we named the van as such to infuse some Italian element in our travels) would still be upright and drivable when he’s done.

So hopefully, with no more ‘forced holidays’ in the horizon, we drive back to France tonight smoothly and on schedule.
Meanwhile, as we wait for the seatbelt man finishes his job, I am posting here some images that are quintessentially English, and the last ones, taken just today on a church visit.



The British must have invented the art of travelling and with that comes their skillful innovation to make their holidays as perfect as possible.



Brick red buildings


Church towers such as these dot the landscape.


It’s the land of Costas and Cafe Neros so for those coming from the Continent particularly Italy and France where making real coffee is handed down through generations, it’s quite a culture shock.


Church kneelers that are local, original and unique represent the most widely practiced form of folk art in the country. They are among the glories of the Anglican church although there is no national record. (

14364724_10205258142171639_8307891813860773022_nThey drive on the left


They love their hanging flowers


The ubiquitous hedgerows, tall and bushy, that make up the English countryside. They date back to the Roman times and used as field boundaries and cover.


Beautiful churches such as this one in Brentwood, Essex


…and centuries-old graveyard in the church grounds.


I always get curious everytime I see images of saints with a strange object poking next to them. It tells the story how the saint died following his faith.
This is the statue of St Thomas of Canterbury with a sword behind his head. He was struck three times by a sword, the final and fatal one was on his head, the gory details of which you can search on google.


Ruin of a 13th century church in Brentwood


England Day 4-

It’s our second day in the campsite, dirt cheap at 8.50£ per night with unlimited hot water and clean restrooms. Surprisingly, in September (I mean not the typical busy July/August summer holidays), the campsite is full of holidaymakers. I really love the different types of camping gears they have so this morning, before they woke up, I went around to snap some photos, a great collection of ideas.



The trailer tent. You tow it as a small trailer but it transforms into a self-contained tent home.




These geese come quacking early in the morning waking everybody up.


A very interesting couple who goes backpacking with their dog with only a small tent to sleep the three of them.