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A Caravaning Life

The caravan guardianage in the Rhone-Alpes


After more than two years parked in this guardianage site just outside Grenoble, our caravan was nearly unrecognizable, what with the dirt and thickened algae that stuck into it like glue!

But despite its grubby appearance,  flattened tires and rusted electricals, we realized how we missed it so badly!
Just a hard scrubbing here and there and some maintenance work, it will soon regain its former glory…

Indeed, after four days of massive nettoyage (cleaning), it was back into its impeccable condition
despite it being more than forty years old! Well, vintage has made a comeback!

We towed it back to the parking lot… and in few months’ time, we are hoping to collect it and  tow it home finally..


Hence, I am looking forward to the time when we could go for another caravaning holiday
…just as the owners of these other campervans parked nearby.

For solo campers, this  clip-on caravan is the ideal one to have….easier to tow!


This mobile home (left) was our home for four days.
Since there was no hotel available that time,  the owner of the Guardianage was kind enough to let us use this as our accommodation..

..and with a view like this from the sitting room, who wants to complain?