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"Pinay" is slang for a woman.born in the Philippines. I have been living in France for the last 12 years and taking photos is my passion. My husband and I move a lot, travelling and sometimes living from one European city to another. We live in Paris at the moment. I have been to so many cities but the City of Romance is still my favorite. I love to capture the everyday life of Europe particularly Paris and through this blog I would like to share my visual experiences with you. Enjoy and feel free to ask questions about the pictures.



The Rathaus or Town Hall


The Old Town



The Munster Cathedral


Marketplatz (market square)                                  



The Middle Bridge by the Rhine River                                                     

Burning Corfu

By burning, I don’t only mean figuratively but literally as we saw on the ferry tv news that over 120 fires have broken out across Greece the last two days! 

Good grief… and I thought the 45 – 50deg C was normal to the islands, little did we imagine that a heatwave was happening!  I felt it really bad as we were only living in a very small boat, and there was no breeze at all, and I was forever bathed in sweat and to cool me off, I had to jet-hose myself every few minutes. Mid-days were like holidaying in purgatory especially  that the air conditioning compressor of our car hasn’t been working for the last five years!  Thank heavens the nearest hotel in the marina has wi-fi facilities so we passed the hottest hours of the day surfing in the air-conditioned lobby, spending only 3euros for a big mug of Mythos (Greece’s one and only beer).  I am telling you,  an icy-cold beer can satisfy your thirst more than water or coca (that’s how the French call “coke”)!

No wonder, few times we saw on tv (while lunching at a taverna) that a program showing almost all day long has the tv presentors, in their swimsuits/trunks, interviewing people in the beach and at the bottom right corner of the screen, island temperatures are shown – from 42 to 50degC. A video clip is inserted every now and then giving demonstrations on what to do when the mercury rises to the highest level.

For example: at 45deg, one must keep drinking water; at 50deg, to include water-hosing one’s head to keep from dehydrating.

You won’t believe it if  I tell you that our water thermometer meant for the boat but accidentally left in the car actually exploded (its maximum threshold was only 50) spluttering bits of mercury all over the seat and the car floor.  One day, I found my plastic haircomb in the dashboard warped in the shape of a letter C! (I lost it anyway…)

I was actually counting the days to our departure! The island is very pretty but never again we will go there in June-July-August or even September!

The last 3 days, we were in the company of husband’s couple-friends from way back university.  They arrived from 20deg-raining-on-and-off London and what a big shock especially for dear Priscilla (the wife) to be practically frying in Corfiot heat.  Instead of us showing them around, half of the time we were taking refuge to their air-conditioned holiday apartment, dipping into their sun-heated pool which was a real delight!  But of course, we did some swimming in the Adriatic Sea accompanied by husband’s now-becoming-most-requested grilled fish and Greek salad prepared on the boat!

Day One – Village exploring

We can’t believe that we are finally in Corfu!  It’s been our dream to come here for a holiday but it just remained as that – a dream, until today.   Two reasons why we are finally doing it.  First, to check on the Marina where we could relocate our tiny boat which is currently moored in Saint Laurent du Var in France.  Second, to de-stress.  H has just finished a long and stressful assignment,  he badly needs a holiday.

 The first time my husband set foot in Corfu was when he was in university.  He passed his holiday on this tiny Emerald isle with his bestfriend and it left wonderful memories.  He promised himself that he would return someday.

The trip to Corfu takes 24 hours by ferry originating from Venice…..

Day One –

The next day, we took a drive around the island.

Kentroma.  We saw the sign “Way to the Beach” so we parked the car and started the descent towards the beach.

The next village we went to – Nimfes

As a self-declared floriphile, Nimfes took my breath away..