I am a Filipina living in France. Because of my husband’s job, we get the chance to travel and live in different places principally in western Europe. And even without a job, the travelling bug in us takes us into exploring other places, living away from home more often than staying in our own home in France. Through our travels, I get to experience a lot of things – sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating, sometimes mind-blowing, because this continent, despite being a very expensive place, is amazingly steep in culture and history. It is very beautiful as well!

My other passion, besides traveling, is photography. I have accumulated gazillions of them – all taken of my travels – and the time has come that they must see the light.

My photos and my stories make up this website. It is my pleasure to share them with you. Enjoy reading!



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  1. Hi Ms M.

    congratulations on your website
    thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures & experiences with us
    keep posting for more:)

  2. Hello Miss Adams?!
    Nice website about European countries.Very informative and the pictures are very clear.

    Thanks for posting and sharing us your experiences about Europe.

    Regards from Carole

  3. Hello ysmem
    Thanks for the congratulatory message! It’s my pleasure to share my stories with the world.


  4. Hello Carole

    Nice to receive a comment from Germany! It’s one of the countries in Europe that are close to our hearts.
    Thanks for the compliments!

  5. Hello Mariadams:

    It is wonderful to finally see the person behind this magnificent website!


    All the best,

  6. Hello Bubu!

    Thank you for the compliments! I saw your message a while back but had no chance of acknowledging as we had been on the road for more than two weeks – yes, another driving adventure which took us to 4 countries – UK, Italy, France, and Switzerland (Greece, where we originated is the 5th). It’s nice to see new places but sometimes you just cringe for the comfort of your own home, hehehe!

  7. hi there,
    i saw your thread on pex..it’s so addicting that i finished the 100+ pages in 1 sitting. and now it makes me want to call u ate. :) thanks for all the info that u shared with us..
    i hope that i can also travel someday and put to use all the stuff i learned through your posts…
    i am a full time employee and a part-time student..it might be a long way to go for me..but i am optimistic.:)

    godspeed to you and your family!!

  8. Hi Tinlee

    Of course you can call me ate 😉
    I’m glad that you find my thread addicting!
    Until ten years ago, I never dreamed of coming to Europe even for a visit! And definitely never imagined myself writing about my travels and sharing it to the world.

    I was a full-time employee and a part-time student in my younger days, too, so at least we have something in common.

    Who knows, one of these days you might find yourself walking the streets of Paris and writing your travelogue infront of the Eiffel Tower! Nothing is impossible if you work hard to attain your dreams.

  9. hi ate maria,

    thanks a lot for the encouragement..at least now, someone, aside from myself, believes that i can make it..someday.
    i just want to share (everyday seems like a battle, i bruised and i bled. but i feel so lucky to feel good as new again every morning and have never felt more ready to face a new challenge).i promise that i will work hard and keep the faith.
    thanks for being an inspiration.

    i am just curious..do you ever miss home? :)

    merry christmas in advance!


  10. Hello Tinlee

    Yes, life is a continuous battle for everyone. Nobody is spared. It’s happening to us. We see it in our neighbours. We see it in the people we meet in our travels. That’s why they travel because they want to change their situation in life.
    We only live once and we are not sure for how long, so while we are able to, let’s work on realizing our dreams. After all, it is us who can change our life for the better. Nobody will.

    Do I ever miss home? If you are referring to the Philippines, yes of course. I’d love to go home once a year if I can, especially that my son prefers to lead his life there than in Europe. He’s working now so he’s starting to build a life for himself. And my real home… It’s always with my husband. Life is good with a life’s partner. At least you have someone to plan your life with and to enjoy travelling with.

    Whoah! I got carried away here, hehehe!! Hope you will continue visiting :)

  11. Hi Mariadams!

    Nice photos! So clear, so artistic! Some subjects are so insignificant to think but because you have taken it beautifully, the subject became meaningful. You’re such an artist!


  12. Hi Arla
    I’m blushing….thanks very much for the compliment! Europe can turn everyone into an artist, what with its mind-blowing sceneries, interesting people, amazing sights, sounds and aroma. Thanks for visiting.


  13. Hi Mariadams,

    Your photos are great! I see them as if I’ve travelled with you. Salamat for sharing these!

    Charito Basa

  14. Thanks, Chato!

    I just love photography, and no doubt, I am in the right continent for this passion!


  15. Hi Maria,

    I sort of got lost in this special connection. Was busy with community (FIlipino) advocacy and development works.

    If you happen to be in Rome, please let me know. I can walk you to different places.

    Best regards,

  16. Hi Chato!

    It’s been my dream to be in Rome…so close yet so far….
    Thanks for the invite! And if you happen to be in Paris, I’m just a message away….

    Take care,

  17. just thought of landing a job the same as your husband’s. would you mind sharing? i’ve been yearning to travel around the globe. ^^

  18. Hi Ms. Mariadams,

    Sobrang amaze ako sa mga travel experience nyo ?. Dream ko din marating ang mga napuntahan nyong lugar specially Europe countries, mahilig din kasi ako magtravel, pero local travels lang nung nasa Pinas pa ako. Pero di ko pa naman ginigive up ang dream ko na yun, kaya nga nung makapag trabaho ako dito sa Qatar last 2009, medyo nag level up na ang mga gusto kong puntahan, kaya last year during Ramadan days 1st try ko travel overseas eh Dubai,since medyo malapit lang naman un dito sa Qatar, kaya sobrang happy ako makita yung mga pics nyo sa Dubai na kuha nyo recently lang, prang feeling ko andun lit ako ?. Nabasa ko po kasi ung name nyo sa isang thread sa PX, kaya hinanap ko itong site nyo na to, gusto ko rin po sanang humingi ng advice. Kasi plan ko po ulit mag travel this coming Ramadan days (August). Meron po kasi akong Auntie sa Paris (resident), at early this year nagkaron lit kami ng communication after so many years, at biniro ko cyang gusto kong mag tour don for 1 week. Gusto ko sanang mag apply ng VISA on my own as tourist, dahil ayoko naman cyang abalahin sa mga requirements doon, me ipon naman ako to show sufficient funds (hopefully enough). At payo nya din sa kin na wag ko daw sabihin na me kilala ako dun, kasi sabi nya mas na dedeny daw yung mga nag apply pag cnasabing me kilala kasi nga marami daw ang nag TTNT doon. Ask lang ko po sana kung mas ok nga po ba yun? And would USD 1000 would be enough as “show money” for a 1 week tour in Paris.. Sorry sobrang haba po ng message ko. Your advice would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks po.


  19. Hello Vangie!

    Thanks for your nice comment! I really wish you can come to Paris this August, it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it’s one destination every other person would like to go to once in their lifetime!

    Having a relative (or a friend) in Paris (or anywhere in France), who has a regular employment and lives in a flat/house that is big enough to accommodate you can be a big “plus” in your Schengen visa application. All she needs to do is to go to the local Mairie and apply for an Attestation d’Accueil (Certificate of Sponsorship) for you as this is one requirement for the visa. She may have reasons why she would refuse to sponsor you but as an alternative, you can book a hotel and get them to issue you a Certificate of Confirmed Booking and submit it alongside your visa application documents. As to the “show-money”, you have to submit your last 3-month bank statements that are “active” and must show sufficient funds for which, USD 1,000 is more than enough, I think. You can also submit copies of your credit card/s plus Travel Insurance. Please check the website of the French Embassy and find out about their Schengen Visa Application requirements.

    I wish you good luck and please don’t hesitate to come back to me as soon as you get your visa. I can give you tips on how to maximize your Parisian trip!

    Best regards
    Ate Mariadams

  20. Hi Ate Mariadams,

    Thank you, thank you for all your advices. I keep that all in mind.?
    It’s too soon, but I’m really excited for this trip.?

    Take care and God bless to you & to your family.
    Please continue to be a blessing to everyone.??

    Best Regards,


  21. You’re welcome, Vangie!
    Please feel free to send me a message. Take care and hope to see you regularly on this site. You can also subscribe for regular updates!

    Ate Mariadams

  22. Hello Ms. Adams,

    Just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy reading your posts here :-) Your writing has so much heart and soul. Your passion for travel shows through.

    Our world is getting smaller and smaller. More people should get to see more places in their lifetime. But travel is so Expensive!

    I am currently based in the USA (where there are so many places I have yet to see), but the call of Europe grows stronger by the day. But like most people, I am waiting for “the right time” to take up travelling, as my comfort zone right now is within the confines of a busy work schedule. Not to mention raising two teenagers. My husband and I often dream of going to France, Italy, and the UK, among a long list of dream countries to visit. We’re not waiting til retirement though LOL. Nor are we waiting for the planets to align with each other a certain way before we begin our journey. Maybe, we’re just waiting for our children to be ready, be ready to absorb travel, to appreciate it.

    You said your son would rather live in the Philippines? Ah, the legendary hospitality can’t be found elsewhere in the world. Was that home to him as a child? or, maybe he has seen so much of the world that choosing the Philippines is like his sanctuary, a temporary respite.

    How long have you been away from the old country? You said you do miss the motherland. I’ve been gone for so long I miss even riding the jeepney from Diliman to Quiapo :-0


  23. Hello Ms. Adams,

    “A few weeks ago I walked along the edge of the lake and was treated to the crunch and rustle of leaves with each step I made”
    This is the quote which brought me to your website. I was looking for autumn quotes to go with my travel photos that I want to post on facebook. I have recently travelled United States, the UK, Switzerland and France, a few weeks ago to be exact..and just like you I am a shutter-happy person and have collected loads of photos. I’m also a Filipina working as a Medical Technologist in the Kingdom of Bahrain here in the middle east. Travelling and photography became my passion since I came to Bahrain. I have travelled other middle east countries and asian countries as well. And I love posting my pictures with quotes on my facebook account so others can see. Actually dream ko rin magkaroon ng travel website just like the one you have but I don’t know how to do it…As I was browsing your pictures..I was so amazed..I can relate to you in so many ways…Europe so far is the closest to my heart. I fell in love with Switzerland and France…Though I have seen the US and the UK first before nothing has prepared me for such beauty and perfection. You are so blessed to have travelled a lot and so do I. I hope to hear and learn from you. Many thanks.


  24. Hello Anily,

    I am so touched by your words….. Not only that we have the same interest for travel and photography, we also share the same passion for writing our joyful sentiments. You write creatively so I encourage you to write your own travel site.

    Let me share with you a site I found on the web which speaks exactly about my passion for photography:


    “I do it for a living, I do it on my breaks, days off, vacation
 Sometimes I wonder if I ever have a day off or if I have a job. Is addiction one of the job hazards? Should it be added to the list of things to seriously consider when you’re thinking of turning pro? Or is it simply pure happiness?”

    ……………totally addicted. The snick-click of my camera gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I don’t go a day without a camera in my hand. I got nervous when my camera was inaccessible due to a recent earthquake–so I borrowed one for a day. Husband so does not understand–says my priorities are wrong….
    (comment by a certain Terry regarding above article. It speaks so much of my own addiction..hehehe!!!)

    Anyway, I am typing this from a Bed and Breakfast hotel in Tuscany (Italy) where H and I are currently working as volunteer helpers in exchange for food, accommodation, immersion in Italian way of life, learning the language, Italian gastronomy not to mention the running of a hotel, meeting people and keeping fit (doing hotel maintenance work is good exercise!). So far, so good….we are enjoying the experience extremely well particularly that part where we have the chance to assist and observe an Italian chef preparing gastronomic meals at rapid speed, 5 courses for a big number of people! It’s like watching Masterchef Live at close range!

    But the bottom line is, we just want to do something different….still incorporating our foremost love which is travel, but this time, with a purpose! We have been tinkering with the idea of relocating to Italy and this adventure is a good way to start the transition!

    Thank you so much for the kind words and hope to hear from you again. By the way, I’ve worked in Bahrain some years back before transferring to Dubai, and finally moving to France. We were in Dubai in February this year, I invite you to browse on my February 2011 postings to check on the photos.

    Take care and talk to you again soon!


  25. Superb photos.
    Congratulations and thank you for sharing.

    Am I able to use any photos, with a credit for travel articles that I write?
    You will see some of my articles on my blog, address listed here.

    I will follow you from now on!

    Thanks in advance for your reply and permission, if at all possible.

    Kind regards,

  26. Hello Laurie
    Thank you for the compliments! I am extremely delighted to catch the fancy of a professional travel writer! You are very welcome to use any of my photos with a credit to my site (www.mariadams.com).

    I travel extensively around Europe and Southeast Asia and have a huge library of photos which have not been published online so if you have any particular theme or country you are interested in, or you have any special research requirement or assignment I may be able to help you. I am an aspiring travel writer but photography is my passion. My dream is to publish a book of photographs and travel stories.

    Best regards,

  27. Congratulations on your beautiful and interesting website..

    I stumble upon your website thru your post in Pinoy Exchange. I find this very interesting especially for me who are starting to plan our family trip to Paris on a budget. I haven’t explored this yet as at the moment it is late evening already. In the coming days, i’m sure i’ll read a lot from here. Pls. keep posting esp. for us who haven’t been to Europe.


    your new fan,
    Janette C.

  28. Hi Janette!

    It’s readers like you who come forward that keeps my inspiration going.! Welcome to the site and please feel to ask questions if you need some help in planning your itinerary. I’m typing this from a hotel room in Padua and my days are full, as always, so my apologies for not responding to you earlier……Thanks and hope to see you here more often :)


  29. Hi Maria,

    Been reading a lot of materials about traveling in Europe. So glad I happen to stumble upon your blogsite thru Pinoy Exchange. It is so informative, and you keep it interesting with your humorous style of writing. You should write a book one day and get it published :)

    I am also passionate about traveling. This time, the travel bug has caught me real bad :) In fact, I will taking a sabbatical soon and spend 3-4 months backpacking across Europe. It’s going to be a long trip (read: huge expenses) so will be staying in hostels to stretch my budget. Thinking also of doing a bit of WWOOFing.

    Because I am woman in my 30’s who will be traveling alone, my loved ones are concerned for my safety. It will be my first time in Europe but I have done a few solo traveling in the past e.g. USA, Fiji, Hong Kong and it all went well. It would be different this time because there will be lots of walking/commuting around carrying a huge backpack, and of course – the language barrier.

    I wonder what’s your take about my upcoming journey/adventure. Salamat and hope see you in my travels :)

  30. Hi Mariadams!

    Ako nga pala yung nag post sa PEx about wanting to meet you and Neodyn! 😀

    I’m living in Harrow. Not part of Central London (Zone 4 eh) but I’m just less than 15mins away by tube from Zone 1 😉
    Ok! Will definitely share Olympics & diamond juilee celebration pics!

    I’ll definitely follow your blog!

  31. Hi Marie,

    Yeah, it’s always been my dream to put “A Pinay in Europe” on paperbound version. Thank you very much for the encouragement! Now, I must put my act together and start writing that book! Time waits for no one….

    I admire your decision to go on a 3-4 month solo backpacking trip across Europe! “Huge expenses”, yes! This continent is very expensive and how ever you scrimp on food, it’s the accommodation, transport and unexpected expenses that will make a huge hole on your pocket! WWOOFing is a great idea! There’ also the Helpx org. where H and I volunteered for one month to work at a Bed and Breakfast hotel in Tuscany last November in exchange for food, accommodation and heating (it was getting to winter that time!). We gained a lot from this experience – learning Italian culture, how to run a hotel, how to cook a 5-course meal for 25 people in just two hours, speaking Italian like an Italian and a lot more. There was also the opportunity to visit awesome places nearby such as Siena, Florence, Lucca…. Hence, I really encourage you to do a bit of this but limit it to 1 or 2 weeks at a time! It’s the best way to get immersed in European culture and it’s free!

    About your concern on safety, it’s generally safe. I’ve been travelling on my own, exploring courtyards and empty streets all in the name of photography but haven’t encountered anything nasty so far. Just beware of pickpockets which are rampant in big cities, otherwise you will be okay. I see a lot of solo lady backpackers everywhere I went, they stay in hostels where they meet travelling ladies like themselves and it’s fun to exchange stories!

    The language barrier – as long as you do your homework which is to learn those simple phrases and they will take you a long, long way! Buy a phrase book. Anyway, the best language is body language and you will never go wrong! Just don’t smile at French men as they will take this as flirting…hehehe!!

    Good luck and pls let me now if you are travelling around Paris or somewhere near so we could arrange to meet up for a café or a bit of touring around!

    Best regards,

  32. Hi Cath!

    Nice blog you have there! You take very nice photos, felicitations!! With your eye on good photographic subjects, I look forward to your shots of these London events.

    Thanks for visiting me here and really hope we could meet up in the future!

    Take care.

  33. Salamat!!! It’s a very good feeling knowing it came from one of the people who inspired me to share my passion for travels. 😉

  34. I’m so happy to have come across your blog!!! Thank you for the beautiful pictures that you share. I too caught the travel bug. I just wish that I can do it more often. I’m in-love with Paris and has been blessed to be able to visit the City almost every year. I have this burning desire to get my own tiny apartment in Paris. I didn’t have the guts to walk into one of those real-estate companies. Would you by chance have someone or a company to recommend. I read about Pau, France and how it’s ideal to retire there because of it’s more affordable that Paris. Have you travelled there and if you can direct me to your links wherein I can know more about Pau. I am ready to retire in 7 years and I am highly considering living in France to learn the language and to absorb as much culture, cuisine and couture.

    Thank you for this very nice blog! Happy Travels Maria!

  35. Hi Mei!

    Sorry for the long delayed reply, I’ve been away for a long weekend but your message has put a smile on my face :) Thanks sincerely for the kind words and by reading your message, I think we have a lot in common and one of them is our love for Paris and France! We live 40mins train-ride away from the capital, surrounded by medieval towns, villages and rich countryside of corn, wheat and sunflower fields but sometimes I dream of being in the center of Paris so I can just walk and walk…. not only to keep fit but to get a continuous fix of my cravings for photography and culture! There are lots of activities offered each day- exhibitions, concerts, museum visits, walking tours and half of the time they are free if you make your research right!

    But anyway, I haven’t been to Pau but my husband had and his comment was, it is a beautiful place but quite unstable – in those days when he was there – due to its close proximity to the ETA region. Well, it has probably settled down now. One thing I would like to suggest to you is, before buying a property, try renting a place on the same town and observe how the going ons each day. Take your time in looking for the right property, how are the neighbours, is the area safe, if, one day, you decide to sell it, would it easily sell? Oooppsss, I’m sure, as one coming from America, you are aware of all these already.

    Take note also that France is suffering from deep recession so prices of properties that are located far, far away from Paris are going down. And very few, if none at all, are buying. It could be the best time for you to buy a property now, at the same time, it is also a bad time for us to sell our property. Yes, we are selling ours (in the South of France) but it has been in the market for more than a year. There were interested buyers but banks won’t loan them the money. See, everybody, including banks, are afraid to loan money….

    Please keep in touch, it’s nice to make friends via my blog :)))

  36. Hello Maria,
    My Italian visa was recently approved. Could you suggest to me what will I do with my 11 day stay in Europe for first timer like me
    March 26 Manila Rome
    April. O1 Rome to Lourdes
    April. 03 Lourdes to Paris
    April 08. Paris to Manila

    What will I do in Rome and Paris ? Do you have any suggestions

  37. Hello Joy,
    Congratulations on your visa and I’m sure you are now looking forward to seeing Europe!

    For a Parisian itinerary, please check my page on http://mariadams.com/paris-itinerary/.

    For Rome, I am drafting a Rome Itinerary for posting on my website and if you can wait a bit, I shall send the link to you.

    Please keep on writing me if you need more info.

    Take care!

  38. Hi mariadams! This is amnesia_girl09 from PEx. I’ve been reading your posts and it’s really inspiring me and exciting me all the more for my Europe trip next month. I’ll be visiting London, Paris, and Rome (decided to cover the major spots for my first time) and I’m going solo. I’ve also recently started my own travel/hobby blog and I’d like to ask your permission that I be allowed to add your blog in my list of blogs that I follow.

    I look forward to reading more posts and pictures from you. God bless always! :)

  39. Hello amnesia_girl09,
    Thanks for your nice words! I don’t have any problem for my site to be added to your list of blogs, in fact, it’s a compliment to be asked. London, Paris and Rome are three great cities – well done – and to travel solo is a brave decision although it’s quite safe to do that here, in fact, I do it, too, and prefer it that way as I can maximize my time and can dictate my own itinerary. I look forward to reading your European journal. Take care and thanks for following my photo stories!

  40. Hi Ms. Maria! Is it okay to get your email address? Will be asking few things regarding traveling as well as photography :) Thanks!

  41. MSVBA
    Remember I wrote you a message that there is life outside of Medicine….. This is what I mean… keep up the good work and maybe the next project is a travel book ….to be published writer..

  42. Hello Dra Lou!

    Sooo nice to see you here! :)
    Yes, writing a travel book has been a long-time dream! I must kick myself to sit down once and for all and organize my thoughts…. I have a dilemma though…

    As my blog is already known as “A Pinay in Europe”, my writing teacher advised me against using the same title in my book as it might only attract “Pinays” and “Pinoys” whereas I could have other nationalities as my readers. Shall I remove the “Pinay” word? I need your advice! hehehe

  43. RE: A Pinay in Europe – request to interview for a Pinay.com Feature

    Hello Maria Adams,

    My name is Jennifer Bichara. I am the Bloggers Assistant of Perla Daly, owner of Pinay.com. We are currently looking for Global Pinay Bloggers. I stumbled upon your blog, Pinay in Europe. We would like to dedicate a post about you and your blog.

    Please email Tish Liezen, Chief Editor of Pinay.com and cc me at jenny@pinay.com and get to know us at the Meet The Team page http://pinay.com/meet-the-team/

    Also, feel free to stop by Pinay.com and also follow us on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pinaydotcom

    Thank you,
    Jennifer Bichara
    Assistant to the Publisher

  44. Hi Maria,
    Thank you very much for the pic and comments about my sculpture in your blog.
    I enjoyed looking at all your photos in your days journey in London. It is quite refreshing to see thins trough someone else’s lens.

  45. OMG! The famous sculptor of the Kindertransport in London Liverpool Station has just thanked me for the nice statement I wrote about her work….Thanks very much Flor Kent for the wonderful comment!

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