I am a Filipina living in France. Because of my husband’s job, we get the chance to travel and live in different places principally in western Europe. And even without a job, the travelling bug in us takes us into exploring other places, living away from home more often than staying in our own home in France. Through our travels, I get to experience a lot of things – sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating, sometimes mind-blowing, because this continent, despite being a very expensive place, is amazingly steep in culture and history. It is very beautiful as well!

My other passion, besides traveling, is photography. I have accumulated gazillions of them – all taken of my travels – and the time has come that they must see the light.

My photos and my stories make up this website. It is my pleasure to share them with you. Enjoy reading!



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  1. Hi Mariadams

    I am Duncan ! the single backpacker which is from Taiwan, do you still remember me?
    Somehow part of conversation with a friend reminds me how we met in the air port and spending time in Paris. How are you ? it’s been looooong time ….

  2. Hi Duncan… well hello! You still remember my site! Did you come back to Europe since then? Gee! when did we meet? must be five years ago?? Thanks for writing!

  3. Hi, This is Muhammad Hilmi from NewsLoop, SingTel. I believe my former colleague Benjamin Tan may have contacted you earlier regarding our interest to syndicate content from your site. As I’m taking over from Benjamin, I would like to take this opportunity to touch base with you and resume the partnership discussion. It would be great if we could set up a call to discuss this in more detail. Would be available to speak this week?

  4. hi kabayan maria,,
    been searching for you. we are planning a europe tour maybe early next yr.(frm US) just want to ask about euro train from Paris to Salzburg. im little confused with the site. can you pls help me. maraming salamat.

  5. Hello fernan
    Sorry for this delayed reply. I am travelling and difficult to get internet connection. As to your question, you can use “thetrainline.com” to search for train journeys. Get the name of the train specified in there, check the website of this train and compare the prices between the two. This is a good start. If you have other questions, please let me know….

  6. Hello,
    Thank you for your message, sorry for this late reply as I am travelling and difficult to respond via smartphone. Yes, I would be overwhelmed to share my site on your Filipino-German Learning Center blog. I would like to do the same with yours so we could share each other’s link, how about that :)

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