2009-02 (Feb 2009)

28 February 2009

Heavy pollution immobilizes the Balloon Air of Paris!

Driving out of Paris on our way home to the south of France, we noticed the balloon hanging low and unlit despite the heavy smog in the air.
Since Spring last year, this tourist balloon in Parc Citroen has been measuring air quality by sporting a different colour depending on how polluted the atmosphere is.  It lights up in green if the air is very good, light green if good, yellow if average, orange if bad, red if very bad.   The picture above shows a very smoggy Paris where the Eiffel Tower is barely visible and I wondered why the balloon is not yet lighting in dark red!

27 February 2009


A toy guillotine made of ivory and wood
Following the fall of the monarchy as a result of the French revolution, the ordinary people of France finally attained a sense of freedom and equality with their fellowmen.  For the first time in their lives, never have they experience the ultimate joy, that of destroying the power that made them slaves since birth.  And one way of expressing their newfound happiness is the fabrication of all things with the insignia of the French Revolution.  Here shown is a miniature model of the guillotine that executed close to 40,000 in that period alone.
Musee Carnavalet, Paris

26 February 2009


Left:  a wire nettting in the form of a man
Right:  the shadow which gives a sexy silhouette of a woman….cool!
Some art gallery, Place des Vosges, Paris

25 February 2009


A porcelain warehouse that has something for all sizes!
Blvd General Leclerc, Paris

24 February 2009


The sculpture on the left makes me wonder why was he squeezing his left breast?  If it was a female form, the squeezing would signify something passionate, but he’s a man, so it might be related to a heart problem…
rue d’Alesia, Paris

23 February 2009


A gigantic sculpture hanging on the facade of a kindergarden school.
Legend goes that in the middle ages, there lived a giant called Isoré who used to kill pilgrims on their way to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle.  He was killed finally but his body was so big they could not move it so they had to bury him on the spot.
corner rue d’Alesia and rue de la Tombe-Issoire, Paris

22 February 2009


This kosher restaurant, although long abandoned and left to rot, still gives a trace of what must have been a gloriously-designed Jewish architecture. I still prefer old world architecture like this one over what they build nowadays as cold and character-less boxes.
Blvd Menilmontant, Paris

21 February 2009


The Flower Tower by French architect Edouard Francois
17th Arrondisement, Port d’Asnieres
Metro: Port de Clichy
A ten-storey apartment building with 380 pots of Bamboo plants embedded in the balconies. Calling it Flower Tower is a bit of a misnomer because bamboo is not normally a flowering plant. “Bamboo Building” is a more apt name, don’t you think so?The architect is renowned for creating low-cost housing that is highly desirable, attractive and environmentally-sound.

20 February 2009


paleolithically modern  home
Carierre Sur Seine, Ile de France

19 February 2009


The invisibles of the Bourse (district) invite you to celebrate the New Year.
With or without papers, let us go dancing!
Blvd du Temple, Paris 

They are the thousands of undocumented aliens originating primarily from poor African nations  who have been struggling to obtain the right to remain in France with their families.

18 February 2009

Three people, three lives
Le Marais, Paris

17 February 2009

What pure luck I have today!  I found the shop where they sell those old ad posters!
Librarie des Archives, Paris

16 February 2009

I would love to buy this one!
some art gallery, St Germain de Pres, Paris

15 February 2009

Yes, you read it right! That’s 90 Euros!
some shop, St Germain de Pres,  Paris

14 February 2009

14grams for 5,50euros – It must be ignitingly good!
Paris on Valentines Day

13 February 2009
Feeling limp?  go for a hairstyle…(that’s what their dialogue translates to!)
some wall, Paris

12 February 2009


Driving on British motorway is not totally boring.

11 February 2009


Just in case the two don’t go off!
Brighton, UK

10 February 2009


From metal you came and to scrap metal you shall return .
Crawley tip, UK

09 February 2009


Fancy a rubber lingerie?  Hurry, they’re having a sale!
London, UK

08 Febrary 2009


and I thought it’s David Beckham!
Crawley, UK

07 February 2009


Lose what? my HGV?
Brighton, UK

06 February 2009


 Title:  shocking men
Brighton, UK

05 February 2009


Big brother doesn’t like pigeons
London, UK

04 February 2009


Blanket of snow
West Sussex, UK



03 February 2009


I wish…i could run!
West Sussex, UK


02 February 2009


West Sussex, UK


01 February 2009


Leafless beauty
West Sussex, UK

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  1. Hi there

    How are u? i really love reading and look up at your website about all the places that u visited..and its really interesting to know more about it because me and bf will go to europe this coming december to spend time on christmas with his family there..hoping we can see and visit the places that u already visited before when u go there in Europe..coz i see the pictures that uve taken is really nice..I love it!! I’ll wait for your response..Thanks
    Have a nice day!!


  2. hello Arah
    I’m sorry for this delayed reply. It’s been very busy the last two months as my son is here on holiday then we just arrived from a 5-week holiday in Corfu, Greece. Thanks for visiting. Lots of travelling tips here so keep reading!

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