2010-06 (Jun 2010)

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09 June 2010

Went for an early morning promenade at the old town of Draguignan where we used to lived. One thing I am missing about Provence is the flowers and the vineyards!
Draguignan, Provence

Staying in a campsite today for some stopover errands. This is the same campsite we first stayed in when we bought our house in Provence 8 years ago. It was a very charming spot set in a landscape of matured trees interspersed with vineyards. Eight years later today, some of the vineyards are gone, bulldozed to make way for more concrete structures, and the campsite has just recently changed management and is now transformed into a mobile-home site. The matured trees are gone and now replaced by younger ones. It’s still cheaper to camp here than to stay in a hotel. For a tent and a car and two persons, the charge is 17.euros without electricity whereas in a hotel room, the cheapest would cost you 52euros, 2-star.
La Prairie, Le Muy, Provence

08 June 2010


We are starting the drive (with stopovers) towards Paris today where H will begin a new assignment on Monday. Stopping at the village of Breil sur Roya to do some errands, I noticed the geranium flowers on this hotel’s windows and I realized we will be missing the summer crowd and excitement of the Roya Valley. Oh well, you cannot have it all. Paris is just as exciting!

05 June 2010

Saturday afternoon is wedding day in France.  As soon as you hear the continuous blowing of horns, you bet there is a wedding convoy driving past.  I heard it today, looked at my kitchen window and there must be about fifty cars in that convoy – all beeping non-stop.  Must be a famous couple, a celebrity, who knows?

wed3.JPG  wed2.JPG  wed.JPG

wed5.JPG  wed4.JPG
The wedding convoy
Fontan, France

04 June 2010

It’s confirmed. A new job assignment in Paris for H.
Paris, here we come!

03 June 2010

Menton beach, France


Menton’s Promenade du Soleil, France

Menton’s Promenade du Soleil

02 June 2010

The three facets of my Mother’s Day rose (before it fades aways)

The building materials store in our area has these old gas pumps stacked alongside their stocks.  I wonder if they are for sale or just for display.
St Dalmas de Tende, France

If you are stuck in a traffic like this, better make the most out of it. Bring your camera.
Menton, France

01 June 2010

French women at work
Menton, France



 Set in one of the world’s most beautiful bays, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France is one of the most visited towns in the south of France.
This is one of the most magnificent views when you take the commuter bus from Menton to Nice – a 2-hour ride that costs only one euro. Believe it or not!

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