2011-04 (Apr 2011)

Daily Photos

27 April 2011

Cycling in the Roya Valley
Breil sur Roya, South of France

26 April 2011


In the town of Vence, they use art to cover unsightly things like rubbish bins.  This poster of cats does exactly it.

Vence, South of France

25 April 2011

Peeking at my irises
at Home, South of France

22 April 2011

It started with one and got carried away….
Diano San Pietro, Liguria, Italy
A view to be grateful for
Diano Marina, Liguria, Italy

21 April 2011


Iris in my garden

Home, South of France

20 April 2011


19 April 2011


It’s raining wisteria in Trucco

Italian Liguria

18 April 2011


Plate number to die for!

Roya Valley, South of France

17 April 2011


A rally at Ventimiglia train station is going on to protest against France’s refusal to honor the temporary Italian residence permits issued to immigrants of North Africa.  France had been blocking the entry of these immigrants to France sending them back to the Italian town on the spot.  In photo are Italian police securing the station against untoward incidents.

Ventimiglia, Italy

16 April 2011


The cycling tourists have arrived!

Breil sur Roya, South of France

15 April 2011


It’s the last day of school following a 2-week Easter break so the sight of students towing wheeled suitcases and strapping heavy backpacks are all over the place, such as on this public transport where practically all seats are taken over by luggages, leaving the passengers nowhere to sit down..

Menton bus station, South of France 

11 April 2011


I was watching this couple playing with their dog using this ball picker and chucker and I think it’s cute…. and effortless!

Ventimiglia, Italy

08 April 2011

I had a rendezvous at a legal firm and was made to sit at their waiting lounge when I noticed this head of a Roman being used as a book stand.  Only in Italy, cool!
Torino, Italy

07 April 2011

Love that mirror!
A hotel in Genova, Italy

06 April 2011

Space extension
Genova, Italy

05 April 2011

Milan Train Station, built under the regime of Benito Mussolini who wanted it to represent the fascist regime.
Milan, Italy

04 April 2011

Sunset and snowcap
Outskirt of Torino, Italy

01 April 2011

A cute gift for someone but, on second thought, he/she might use it against me. Forget it!
Torino, Italy

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