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16 January 2011

How lucky can we get, that the same time we arrived in Dubai is the same time the Dubai Shopping Festival is on. One of the greatest shopping festivals on earth, it could be my chance to win half a kilo of gold a day, a Lexus car each day, a Nissan Patrol SUV, also each day for a duration of one month!

16 January 2011

Everytime I see a Boulangerie (Bread Shop), I make sure to look at the window display of cakes and sweets. It’s like looking at a gastronomic art gallery.
Arpajon, Essone, IdF

15 January 2011

We went to visit our campsite in Yvelines (78) where we are keeping our Nth home which is a caravan and how different the landscape is in the winter. This tree-lined alley is so charming with its green foliage in the summer. It’s still pretty charming though, bordering on the magical.
Saint Arnoult-en-Yvelines, IdF
14 January 2011

We were walking in the Latin Quarter looking for a place to eat
when we noticed this bar dominated by women! Now now, I wonder what’s in the cocktail menu?
Latin Corner – Sexy Bar for Crazy Night
rue de la Hutchette, Paris

06 January 2011

In my entry of 4th Jan, I showed you the giant rock which came tumbling down from high up the mountain. It stayed on the side of the road for several days creating one-lane traffic. We suspected that the reason why it remained on the same spot unmoved was because it was so huge and there is great difficulty in moving it. Voila, today, we saw municipality workers breaking it into pieces…
Valley des Marveilles, France

05 January 2011

Winter is the time when chimneys endlessly spew black smoke from burning fireplaces. But when the smoke are spewed inwards rather than outwards, there maybe a problem in the flute. That’s when the chimney cleaners are called in.
Fontan, France

04 January 2011

We saw this giant rock waylaid on the zigzaggy mountain road on our way home the other day. I didn’t have the chance to photograph it as I was too shocked to react. I saw it again today when we were driving towards the Italian coast and made sure I have the camera ready. Our region is characterized by rocky hills that tend to erode causing big rocks to tumble down into the busy road. I hope nobody was hurt.
road to Breil sur Roya, France

We went to the fishmarket of Ventimiglia, Italy today and bought some salmon trout for our Biryani recipe.  Delish!
Ventimiglia, Italy

A calendar in Ventimiglia fishmarket, Italy
January in English
Ianouarious in Greek
Janvier in French
Gennaio in Italian

I haven’t tasted rabbit in my life…and might never be after seeing this poor thing today…
Ventimiglia market, Italy
03 January 2011

I may have missed Christmas in Vallee des Merveilles where I live in France but I still had a chance to see the Christmas decorations such as this one in Tende.
Tende, France

I must have photographed this spot more than ten times but I still click my camera everytime I see it, like today. One of my most favorite photographic subjects..
Breil sur Roya, France

02 January 2011

After a 24-hour ferry trip, we safely docked in the port of Venice at 7am Italian time (Greece is 1 hour behind). There is still a 5-hour drive along the Italian motorway before we reach our home in France. At a motorway stop in Italy, I encountered real snow for the first time since the cold snap started in late November 2010. This is a photo of the frosted grass near where we parked the car for a quick rest.
At an autoroute stop, Italy

01 January 2011

We spent New Year’s Day in the ferry on our way back to France so how delighted we were when the Anek Lines crew surprised all the passengers with cake and drink.
Adriatic Sea, Europe

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  1. Dear Manang Shirl,

    Ang ganda pala ng website mo…ngayon ko lang kc binasa at binuksan 2…ang dami mo ng napasyalan at napuntahan…ang galing!!!


  2. Hello Maribeth!
    Salamat at nadalaw ka sa site ko. Dalas-dalasan mo ang punta dito, para ka na ring nagta-travel…

  3. ….good great job mariadams….i love your pics it is making me homesick but too expensive to go home there lol!….btw my husband gerald mahoney has a facebook site-page like yours his fb avatar o pic is in front of coronado hotel in san diego ca. gerald is wearing a blue shirt at my clear eyeglass has semi blond or light brown hair sya and of course in all listings of gerald mahoney in fb he’s the most handsome so that should give him away{for fun check our family photos}lol!….

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