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30 November 2010

The marble statue of Athina on a corinthian column next to the University of Athens, Greece

H is in Athens today, a place I wish I am at the moment. Exactly a month ago when, for three days, we explored this beautiful city and I couldn’t help but blown away by the ruins of ancient civilization as far back as 3,000 years ago! Too bad 3 days is not enough!   I wish I could go back and spend more time just walking around and even spend a whole day inside the New Acropolis Museum just marveling at the archaelogical finds.   And I end this month of November posting the image of her most beloved patron, the goddess of Athens…Athina.

29 November 2010


Greece is the land of abandoned dogs.  You see dogs everywhere, on the street, in public places, in country roads.. all left to fend for themselves by their owners.  What’s surprising is, you don’t see puppies, and they are big dogs who look healthy and well-fed.  That is because they hang around in restaurants, smart, huh! 

28 November 2010

Tried my hand on fashion photography today, well, without really trying.  I was with a friend who loves getting her photos taken and with a backdrop like this one, in Corfu town, who cannot resist?

 27 November 2010


A bar with the thousand bulbs!  No, it’s not the real name of the bar but whatever it is, they certainly catch the passers-by’s attention…and business!  For now it’s my dream to get inside it one day, with H, order a glass of wine and take a larger photographic shot of the interior!

 26 November 2010


It’s the funeral of Stephano today and the church infront of our apartment is bedecked with wreaths in uniform patterns.  We were driving past so you can see the car’s side mirror on the bottom corner.

25 November 2010


We were walking to the carpark when we saw this obituary notice posted on all the electric posts of the village.  His name is Stephano and he must be a well-known personality of the whole island because we saw more of the same notices some kilometers away.  It must be a tradition in Greece (as in Italy) to announce a death like this, in place of newspapers.

24 November 2010

Saw these poor turkeys on their way to the market.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in America and there must be a modest number of Americans living in the island.  

23 November 2010

There is something mysterious about Corfu town at night especially when no flocks of tourists around.  This is the bell tower of the church of St. Spyridon, the patron saint of the island.

22 November 2010


The most awaited (French) Beaujolais Nouveau 2010 has arrived…and it’s here in Corfu! 

Every third Thursday of each November, over a million cases of Beaujolais Nouveau begin their journey from France to all parts of the world. The good news is everywhere: Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé! “The New Beaujolais has arrived!”

21 November 2010

After the storm
Ipsos, Corfu

We have just parked on the side of this road to go to a Sunday Tabletop Sale when I saw this view and I thought, “I am in paradise!”  The beach is a mess due to the storm that lasted for days.

20 November 2010

It’s raining balls!

We were walking in the park in Corfu town when some round things started falling from above, luckily, our heads just missed them by an inch!  They look so good to eat but inside, they are just fibrous gooey sap that sticks on the fingers like glue!  I wonder what these fruits are called… 

19 November 2010


The “Last of the Romans” is just now promoting a DVD shop in Corfu town!  He reminds me of the obese Italian chef dummy gracing the entrances of Italian restaurants…

18 November 2010

After a night of thunderstorms, wind and rain, the morning sky started to calm down and this rainbow seen from our apartment window is just too good to photograph.

17 November 2010


One of the last few cruise ships stopping in the island.  We are told that they don’t come in the winter but will resume their visits starting Spring next year. 

16 November 2010

Up up and away…
The Toguabi getting lifted out of the water to rest into dry land where she will stay for the winter.

15 November 2010

No, they are not Monks, they are simply friends who have gathered for lunch in our favorite taverna in town.

14 November 2010


We got invited to an aperitivo night by a Dutch couple-friends who have made Corfu their home.  Not only that the food and the chat was very interesting, I was also introduced to the wonderful world of George Clooney…what else, but the Art of drinking Nespresso!  The photo is that of the Nespresso box filled with colour-coded flavours of the coffee grounds packed in air-tight capsules.  The taste is very Italian espresso indeed!

13 November 2010

He’s just one among the many young people from Australia, NZ, Canada, UK who went back home yesterday to their respective countries. They were contracted by the chartering boat company to help the skippers of 160 boats moored all over Greece, sail them all to Corfu, oversee the lifting on land, tidy them up, leaving them secured for the coming winter. Come Springtime, they or some of them will come back to clean up the same boats again and prepare it for the busy season. They are young, must be university gappers who are doing it for the Greek islands experience, the sailing adventure and meeting new friends while getting free food and accommodation. The pay is minimum but they don’t mind, it’s the adventure that counts!

12 November 2010

Shrines in Greece abound – old, new, abandoned and pillaged…
These two is a sight everytime we drive out to the main road.  As to why there are two, I am curious.

11 November 2010


Driving in Mon Repos today, we saw this man trying to catch fish simply using a nylon string.  There must be a lot of fish to be caught here because the sight of men and boys with fishing hooks and the like is simply everywhere.  Mon Repos is the peninsula next to Corfu town where Prince Philip, the husband of England’s Queen Elizabeth, was born.

10 November 2010

School of jellyfish seems to have invaded the marina waters. Even if they are a nuisance to swimmers, they are incredibly beautiful creatures.
Gouvia Marina, Corfu

09 November 2010
We have been driving past this scene since we arrived in Corfu nearly six weeks ago and have noticed that the owner of this car has no intention to do something about it, unless it is his intention to leave it that way…

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