2009-05 (May 2009)

 Photo a Day

 30 May 2009

Nudist beach
Corfu, Greece

29 May 2009

Plate-less in Greece
Corfu, Greece

28 May 2009

Caravan Park in the Marina
Gouvia Marina, Corfu, Greece

27 May 2009

Small but exciting
Adriatic Sea

26 May 2009

Passionate in taking images
Venice, Italy

 25 May 2009

Commercializing the Bridge of Sighs…..sigh!
Venice, Italy

24 May 2009

Eerie Venetian neighbourhood
Venice, Italy

23 May 2009

The caravan, ready for towing to Corfu, Greece!
Trans-en-Provence, France

22 May 2009


While we are in England, my son who is on a 3-month holiday with us, took the train to Cannes to find out what the Cannes Film Festival is all about.  So while the public are waiting for the celebrities to show up, there are also street (horror) entertainers lurking everywhere.
Cannes, France

 21 May 2009

Kent in the southeast is called the garden of England. It is one of our favorite counties because of her spectacular countryside and period houses
Kent, England

17 May 2009

Slate roof
Berghe Inferior, Fontan, France

15 May 2009

Eat for free

The acacia flower

Sometime ago…. today         

harvested some flowers to prepare as appetizer for tonight’s dinner

Voila! acacia tempura! deleeecious when dipped in cidre vinegar!

13 May 2009

Menton, the pearl of France
as seen from the autoroute

  12 May 2009

bruxelles2.JPG bruxelles.JPG
The Manneken Pis 
left:  the real thing, in Brussels
right: the poster thing, in Menton, France


11 May 2009

“I can be great with just a little!”
The yucca plant
Menton, France

07 May 2009

In Nice today


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