2009-04 (Apr 2009)


30 April 2009

After the storm
Breil sur Roya, France

29 April 2009

Campagne….moelleux..I love them both!
Breil sur Roya, France

 28 April 2009


The 3-day torrential downpour in our area has caused landslides, tearing open some of the metallic nettings securing the rocky hills.  These public workers have been dispatched to repair the damage.
Italian Riviera

27 April 2009

Breil sur Roya, France

26 April 2009

A neighbour’s garden
Breil sur Roya, France

25 April 2009

A spring garden!
Tende, France

24 April 2009


A green cover from peering eyes (such as photographers like mariadams!)
Vence, France

 23 April 2009


An eye-catching landmark for an address!
Vence, France

 22 April 2009


A chaotic charm
Vence, France

 21 April 2009


Saw this from my neighbour’s garden.  And it’s only April!
It’s a Savoy…a hardy cabbage that can withstand the worst of the winter weather.  It’s actually very tasty!
Tende, France

 20 April 2009


The restaurant owner of a nearby village, to attract customers into his establisment, has to innovate, i.e., installing mannequins to make it appear that the place is busy.
Fontan, Alpes Maritimes, France

19 April 2009

Our neighbour has this superstition that if she leaves bottles of water on her doorstep,
the dogs will not pee on her frontdoor.
Tende, Alpes Maritimes, France

18 April 2009

Stone mosaic
Tende, Alpes Maritimes, France

17 April 2009

But I don’t have a garage, can I just lift this piaggio van into our sitting room? 
Tende, Alpes-Maritimes, France

16 April 2009

A French village near the Italian border
Fontan, Alpes Maritimes, France

15 April 2009

The raging Roya river
Our village, Roya Valley, France

14 April 2009


Rock formation in the Roya Valley
Alpes Maritimes, France

13 April 2009


Sospel, Alpes Maritimes, France

  12 April 2009


The medieval village of Gorbio (as seen from the autoroute from the Italian border to Nice)
Alpes Maritimes, France

11 April 2009


The village of Fanghetto stands proudly above a narrow ridge. 
As seen from our moving car on our way back home after two weeks of living in a suitcase. 
Liguria, Italy


10 April 2009

Daffodils, tulips and primroses
West Sussex, England

09 April 2009


The 10th century St Nicholas Church with daffodils in bloom
West Sussex, England

08 April 2009


Empty shoes on the quayside
Sculpture of shoes which commemmorates the sad end of the Hungarian Jews by the Nazis as they were pushed into the Danube either to be shot or drowned.
Budapest, Hungary


07 April 2009


A souvenir from The Three Tourists
Memento Park, Budapest, Hungary


06 April 2009  


A die-hard Colombo fan
Budapest, Hungary

05  April 2009


A Palm Sunday vendor
Bratislava, Slovak Republic


04 April 2009


A 17th Century wall clock
Bratislava, Slovak Republic


03 April 2009


The glory of the olden days is gone
Szentendre, Hungary

 02  April 2009


Luxury in ceramics..
Vienna, Austria


01 April 2009


The grounds of the hostel I stayed in.
I went for a 2-day trip of Vienna, Austria. It’s 4 hours by train from Budapest. I’m glad I went!
Vienna, Austria

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