Feeling like a student again at Trinity College, Dublin

20171025_115104bMain Entrance of Trinity Coillege seen from the road

20171025_121317bThe Campanile or Bell Tower, built in 1853, is an iconic landmark but there is a superstition attached to it. If the bell tolls as you’re walking through, you will fail all of your exams, hence, no student even dare does it, bell tolling or not.

20171025_121715bBuilt in 1700, this is the oldest building in the College, now used as Students’ Accommodation.

20171025_132805bCalled the Long Room (at nearly 65meters in length) is the main chamber of the Old Library. Built in the early 18thC, it is one of the most impressive libraries in the world. It houses 200,000 of the oldest books of the library, among them, the Book of Kells.

IMG_4618bMarble busts of great philosophers and writers of the Western World (all men) line the Long Room.



20171025_135425bThe Reading Room, open 24 hrs a day, the best place to study your lessons in complete peace and quiet.

20171025_141105bThe University Restaurant looking like a Gallery and Harry Potter’s Dining Hall.
20171025_140520bI wasn’t hungry but ordered a simple bowl of soup just to get that magical “a la Harry Potter” dining experience.

20171025_140626b… and for the price of 2.50euros, I get to enjoy my soup in this glorious Hall.

They don’t allow photography in the Exhibition, a way of compelling visitors to buy their Book of Kells postcards and books, but I am more clever than that, I think! If photographing the advertising posters is not good enough, I could always download some photos from the internet.

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