Charlie in Cardiff, Wales

After our first hotel of the year in Spain, here is our first B&B of 2017, this time, in the UK, and as usual, Charlie had to inspect the apartment if everything is up to his standards.

He has to inspect every nook and cranny, every furniture, every appliance, just like this washing machine.

This boy just loves climbing up and down the stairs, something he mastered out of staying in hotels and B&Bs.

Walking the 10-km circuit to Taunton.

Our 3-mile walk to Taunton, and back. That makes it 6 miles or about 10 kms.

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The town of Taunton

The colourful barges moored along the canal

Some vestiges of the past – the building which could have been a factory, the bridge and the lock – all probably built during the Industrial Revolution.

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The Bridgwater – Taunton canal, part of the hundreds of thousand-mile long network of canals built for easy movement of goods during the Industrial Revolution (early 18thC – early 19thC), before the arrival of the railway.

The canal being dredged of mud and invading weeds.