Full moon as seen from the campsite

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I went out this morning to go to the campsite’s dishwashing area when I saw something like a spotlight. What is that, I wondered. It couldn’t be the moon as it’s already 7:30am and besides, it’s a bit low in the sky. Oh well, I went on with my washing but the presence of this ‘spotlight’ kept bothering me. What date is it today, the 13th…yes, it could well be the full moon. I quickly went back to the campervan, turned on the internet and googled ‘full moon January 2017″ and it gave the answer ‘ 12 Jan 2017! Holy cow! How could
have i missed it last night (supposedly the time it is lowest in the horizon). I immediately searched for my tripod wasting a total 30 minutes and in the meantime, lady moon is quickly disappearing from the sky.

Thank goodness it waited for me and despite the howling wind that kept shaking my tripod I got this shot, bit blurry but I got the thrill of the moment ???

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